Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Concerning My Long Absence

I'm sure apologies are in order, but I hate repeating myself, and you have all heard it before.  So I'll jump right in.

To put a very long story short, I am again in America, and GOODNESS, how can you stand how cold and dry it is?

(Despite my complaining and my numb fingers, I really am enjoying the cold.  I arrived last week, just in time to see the last of the snow melt from Kansas soil.  The wheat is looking beautiful and green in the fields!)

I have done an awful job at keeping you all updated, but quite a bit of what has been happening is under wraps.  At least, what has been happening in my "real" life.  (My writing is coming along nicely.  Tornado C has been relaunched and is now standing above 40,000 words.) I hope, however, that by mid-April I should be able to give you the whole story, from start to finish, of the great drama that God has been unfolding in Liberia.

I should be able to blog before then, but I'm learning from my mistakes - not promising anything besides that post.  But that update is set in stone.  I will update you all later this month.

How have you all been?  I heard the winter has been crazy!

Till then,