Currently, I have eight completed novels/novellas under my belt with multiple works-in-progress.  The details are listed below, in chronological order according to each category:


The War Horn

Status: Published as an eBook on Amazon Kindle on March 27th, 2012.  You can find it on Amazon here.

Description:  When the unthinkable happens, John—the son of a Norman lord—undertakes a journey to fight for the freedom of his parents and his people. But it's not just any quest. The malevolent Lord Gair demands the legendary Holy Grail, and John knows that Lord Gair will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

All along the way, John has been making sacrifices for the freedom he seeks. But before the end, John must confront Lord Gair and stop him, before it's too late. But John's true enemy isn't Lord Gair. It's himself.

On an adventure of daring and excitement, John must make an impossible choice. And to do that, he must learn the true price of freedom.


Quest for the Kingdom
Status: Finished as of November 2009
Word Count: 31,067
Plans: I'm leaving it until the end of time.  Since it's my first book, it's not only unoriginal, but the writing style is horrific.  I may use the world again, though.

Status: Finished as of February 2010
Word Count: 24,343
Plans: Same as Quest for the Kingdom.  It's the sequel.

Status: Finished as of October 2010
Word Count: 53,186
Plans: Same as the previous two.  It's the last book in the trilogy.

The Book of Shaldu 
(The Prophecies, Book One)
Status: Finished as of November 2010, planning to rewrite.
Word Count (of original draft): 52,637
Plans: Once I finish the series and rewrite the novel, I'll do a lot of editing and look into publishing it.

The Prophecy of Einarr 
(The Prophecies, Book Two)
Status: Started in November 2011 and finished October 2012.
Word Count: 61,570
Plans: See The Book of Shaldu.

The War Horn
Status: Finished as of June 2011

The Voice of God
(The Prophecies, Book Three)
Status: Started in November 2012 and finished October 2013.
Word Count: 60,511
Plans: See The Book of Shaldu.

Will Vullerman: Stasis
Status: Finished and revised.
Word Count: 40,849
Plans: To be released on Kindle, Summer 2014.


Tornado C
(a code-name title)
Status: Revising
Word Count: c. 91,000
Plans: Top priority.  My current project, I'm working on the heavy-duty revisions and hope to submit it to the 2014 OYAN Novel Contest.

The King of Three
(The Prophecies, Book Four)
Status: Started November 2013 but unfinished
Word Count: 57,585
Plans: To be completed Fall 2014, before NaNoWriMo.


Status: Planning/writing.  Started in March 2011 and on hold indefinitely.
Word Count: 3983
Plans: I have a lot of other writing to do before returning to this, but I hope to finish it at 75,000 words or more as a standalone novel. It's on the bottom of the priority list right now, however.

Will Vullerman: Second Anthology
(a collection of short stories)
Status: Brainstorming
Word Count: 0
Plans: Whenever my schedule clears up (and depending how the first anthology is received), I hope to return to Will Vullerman with more short stories, and possibly longer works.

Status: Brainstorming
Word Count: 0
Plans: A short, 12-chapter novel/novella following the adventures of the heir to the Celamarian throne.  Takes place in the same world as Tornado C.  Will most likely be written during the 2014-2015 school year.

The King's Coffin
Status: Brainstorming/tentative outlining
Word Count: 0
Plans: A sequel to The War Horn.  So far there are no available slots in my time, which means that the writing could be as far away as 2015/2016, with a release date even farther away.

*****(Updated as of 6/11/2014)******