Friday, November 5, 2010

Déjà Vu! Kill this Thread...

Here's what's happening, folks.

Hypothetically, I am very busy.  School, writing NaNoWriMo (the word count above is NOT the current word count!), more school, guitar, church stuff, etc.

Let's say, hypothetically, that I win a book in a giveaway.  Pretty cool, eh?

But let's say I already own the book.  Let's say that it's a popular, new book that was published this year.  Hypothetically, I decide to have a giveaway...

Okay, so it isn't really a hypothesis.  It's the real deal.  Yup, another giveaway.  Cool, huh?

But as I said, I am very busy.  Extremely busy, it can be said.  So what am I going to do?  Conducting a giveaway takes time for me.  Quite a bit.

Now, you want to know what book I am giving away, and how you can get in on the giveaway, right?

But wait a second...I once heard of this idea one time that required almost no effort from, blast from the past...

Well, I'm done with the suspense.  Here's what I'm doing:

"Kill this thread and win Venom and Song."

Déjà Vu!  Seriously!

For those of you not in on the 'joke', a 'Kill this thread and win Venom and Song' once occurred to win a signed copy of Venom and Song from one of the authors himself, Wayne Thomas Batson.  And that is almost the entire reason I have followers at all.  I met a lot of other awesome bloggers as a result of that contest (which went for months!).

So here's the rules:

1) All you have to do in order to try and win is comment.

Easy enough, hm?  But there's more.

2) You must be the last person to comment before the thread dies.

Easier said then done!  A thread 'dies' when no one has posted for one day.  24 hours.  You kill the thread?  You win Venom and Song.  But if someone comments before then, the thread lives another 24 hours!  If Bob's comment was the last one for 23 hours and 59 minutes and someone posts, then the thread lives!

But as WTB did, I am adding another requirement.

3) You must post something MEANINGFUL.  You can't just comment and say, "Comment".  Do something meaningful!  Share Bible verses, quotes, daily stuff, how your writing is going, what your dog did yesterday, the terrible financial state of the government (.5 million dollars in debt a minute?!?!), even talk to the other participants!  Just make sure it has something meaningful.  I shall swoop in with my Pen of Doom if you don't do something meaningful--I'm serious.

And, of course, the prize is a new copy of Venom and Song.  :)  Comment away, folks!  Are ye going to be the first commenter again, Squeaks?  ;)

Don't worry, I shall read every comment.  Perhaps I shall join in the discussion as well!  Tis up to you.  And siblings...well, ye can participate, but ye cannot win.  ;)  LOL.

Are ye ready?  Have yer fingers been pruned and primed?  Is your keyboard greased?

FIRE AWAY!...and good luck. :)

Oh, by the way: the other Kill this Thread contest ended with 1,752 comments. ;)  And no one actually killed it, in the end...


Squeaks said...

I shouldst say so! I think this is meaningful:

If you believe in Him and confess that HE (Jesus) is risen from the dead) you shall be saved :)


Squeaks said...

Wait...I mean, that IS meaningful. I don't think it, I KNOW it. :)

Jake said...

Amen... >_> Looks like ye were the first commenter again, Squeaks! LOL. ;)

Squeaks said...

Lol XD Tis true. I seem to have a rabbit hight? -- habbit right? (now I sound like ol' Arthram P. Wingfeather XD )

whisper said...

Splendid giveaway idea, Jake!

*cheers* Arthram P. Wingfeather, is, I believe, my most favoritest character ever of all time. :)

One of my favorite quotes: "Let me do all the good I can, for all the people I can, as often as I can, for I shall not pass this way again." - John Wesley

Eldra said...

*blink* You are joking, right? Yay! Now I'm going to have something to do until springtime!! Even though I don't really know if I want the book, I will be popping in and out, adding my wisdom as the thread requires it. Maybe I'll even blog about it myself. . .

Nolan (Beorn) said...

Anyone like Jackalopes? ;-D I saw many stuffed ones today. Was fun.

You could argue that this comment is not meaningful... but... ah, oh well. Some people just don't have any appreciation for Jackalopes...

Star-Dreamer said...

How awesome! I might join the commenting, but I have no reason to win since I won a copy on a different contest. But this is definitely a good idea. I think I'll get on and do it, just so I can talk to all the neat people who comment.

Hi, all ye neat people!!! :D *jumps about waving to everybody*

Jake said...

I enjoy jackalopes, Beorn... >_>

Hi, Star-Dreamer! ;) You can just enter to get another copy for your giveaway, lol. >_> You win, you win. :)

Artham P. Wingfeather is, quite simply, epic, Whisper. ^_^

The Director said...

Sweet! I love giveaways! (Not that I've actually won one, but my mom does them on her blog sometimes. In fact, somebody recently won a painted coconut! Hehehehee.... :P)

@ Star-Dreamer
**jumps about waving back to you with a silly grin on my face**

Here are my meaningful and profound words of wisdom for today:
"Nothing worth gaining was ever gained without effort."
Actually, those aren't MY words of wisdom, per se. I stoled them from Teddy Roosevelt.

I really like that quote :) I tried quoting it from memory on my blog last night and totally butchered it :P

PS Jake I'm trembling in fear of the Pen of Doom....

Lucy said...

Hey Everyone! I Am Lucy Jake's Sister!

Lucy said...

Oh and I will kill this thread!

Jake said...

Please read the fine print, Lu. ;) 'Siblings cannot win', remember? Read the post! :)

Morgan J said...

Hello Every one mind if I pop in.
Ok, I need to say something meaningful. Let me think, . . . hmmm . . . something meaningful? . . . I'll just give you a quot

"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat."

Dose any one know who said that?
I'm sure a lot of you know. You can call this a kind of easy pop quiz.

Anyway, I hope that was meaningful. Sighing off. ;P

The Director said...

**Hi Lucy Jake's sister!**

Here's my next input to the thread:

"Consider it joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance"

(A Book of the Bible):2-3

What book did I quote?


Gillian said...

Oh my goodness! Not another kill the thread contest! Alright then, I accept the challenge! *flourishes sword and bows*

An awesome verse I read yesterday:

Psalms 116:7 "Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you."

@ The Director: I don't have my Bible in front of me at the moment, but I would have to say the book of James.

Now, I have to get back to writing or NaNoWriMo shall pass me by and leave me in the dust!

The Director said...

You're right :) **applause**

verses 4-5

"And let endurance have its perfect result, so you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him."

Star-Dreamer said...

Lol Gil! Nano has already passed me and left me in the dust! :D :P

But I'm determined to catch up! First I have to catch that dratted procrastination bug that keeps crawling all over me and leaving ugly "t0o-busy-to-write-today" welts on my fingertips. Then I will throw him in the trash and...

Wait! looking for that bug instead of writing is the same thing as procrastinating!


:D :D :D :D :D

The Director said...


NaNo has long since passed me by and left me in more dust than you can imagine....... wait, does that make sense???

I went to my first write-in today.... which ended up just being me and my two neighbors. There was a gal who was there for the first hour, and then had to go to a class. Wasn't exactly the most exciting thing that's happened to me....... ah, well.

BUT! I should be able to churn out another 2k tonight... because I just reached the inciting incident and after that->->->-> ZOOM! I'm off!

(at least I hope so.......)

Gillian said...

Haha, keep it up Star-Dreamer and the Director. We shall have to conquer NaNo together! Never give up, never say die, wot wot!

A little bit of Redwall hare sneaking in there, I think! lol

I was listening to an awesome song by Starfield lately, called "I will go!" so I'll post the second verse:

Let me not be blind with privilege, Give me eyes to see the pain,
Let the blessing You've poured out on me,
Not be spent on me in vain!
Let this life be used for change.

Those words really just struck home. We are so privileged... we have been given so much... do we waste what we have been given on ourselves, or do we use it to help others?

Jake said...

Battle before breakfast, Gillian, eh? ;)

I, luckily, have temporarily defeated procrastination, so I am slightly ahead in NaNo, but I must write more! Perhaps my pen shall smolder and then burst aflame, and, to quote the Director, "ZOOM!" >_>

Now, for a topic...have any of ye ever heard of or done One Year Adventure Novel? >_> <_<

Speaking of breakfast...there goes my stomach. *disappears*

The Director said...

I love that song! Starfield ROCKS :D I also love their version of Hosanna. Ahhh.....
I hope that my word count today will be A and B the C of D.... wot wot!!

What's One Year Adventure Novel?

James 1:6-8

"But he must ask in faith, without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind. For that man ought not to expect that he will receive anything from the Lord, being a double minded man, unstable in all his ways."

Oh and BIG NEWS!!!!

Meesa sicko.


Jake said...

Ay, I hope ye get better. :P

*blinks furiously* I wish I knew what that ABC thing meant...

One Year Adventure Novel is a Christian homeschooling curriculm designed for writers to have them write a 12 chapter novel in one year. Tis awesome. :)

Gillian said...

@ Jake: You better believe it! Battle before breakfast! I managed to knock out 830 words in half an hour... not bad for an early morning!

Haha Jake, A and B the C of D = Above and Beyond the Call of Duty! Yeah, if you can't tell, I've read way too much Redwall over the years... mainly because I love reading so much and lack the funds to continually get new books so I simply read and re-read through my entire bookcase at least once a year.

Ok, I have a little bit of time now to defeat the NaNo monster, so I shall get to it! ARE YOU WITH ME! *raises ink-stained sword and charges at monster*

The Director said...

HAHA XD So glad someone else has read more Redwall books than is good for them! I once had several poems from there memorized, too....

"raises ink-stained sword and charges at monster*

I love it!!

So I take it you've done the One Year Adventure thingyawho. Sounds neat :)

Well, I'm off to churn out some words... after sleeping all day.... **sneezes and coughs**


Jake said...

Aye. :)

I had a bit of time last night to write and wrote a over a thousand words in a half hour, but then bedtime called... >_<

*charges off into the Blue* Eulaliaaaaaa!! ;) Schoolwork before writing, unfortunately.

Gillian said...

Posted about Nanowrimo on my blog. The post is called Slaying Dragons. You can read it if you want to:

Star-Dreamer said...

I need to post about nano. I will read your post later, gil: have it pulled up but have to go to class right now so maybe in an hour or so. :D

The Director said...

Give 'em blood and vinegar, wot!

Read your post and commented :) Cool blog!

I posted about NaNo on my blog... several times, actually. But here's the most recent one:

OK gotta go I have a violin lesson to run to.

Wot wot!

Star-Dreamer said...

Nouw whot yum gueys is needn be a gude auld soulid tiyp tum cumn aloung nd keep yum tow in loine.

he,he! Mole speach is my favorite!!! :D

Gillian said...

@ The Director: Yes, I got your comment! And I took a look at your blog too.

@ Star-Dreamer: Haha, yes, Mole speech is awesome! My older sister and I used to take turns reading Redwall aloud on long car trips... it was so much fun! Our favorites to read aloud were Brocktree, Mossflower, and the Legend of Luke.

Well, I have a lot of work to do today, but hopefully I'll get a chance somewhere in between to start really attacking Nano!

The Director said...

Molespeech ROCKETH! :)

I love Legend of Luke! Mossflower is my first fav, though. And Martin the Warrior.... **sniff**

Rats! My pen won't fire up! **checks batteries**

Star-Dreamer said...

Director: lol!

I love mossflower and the legend of luke, and the bellmaker... there's probably more but I can't think of them right now.

His Flying Dutchman series is awesome too! I have all three of them... but I don't know... he might have more out in that series that I haven't learned about yet. I really need to read them again.

Lol! My safety code think that I have to type in is "ented". So that's it, guys: I am officially an ent now... I have been "ented". :D

The Director said...

OK, I seriously finished the first Castaways book under 5 minutes ago. Man, I love that book! **sniffs** Will be grabbing the second on e from the library today **happy dance**

OK, you wanna hear a good "ent" story? (Yours is good--made me totally laugh)
So, I take ballet, right? Our spring performance this year was "Puss in Boots" and I was a snowflake and a leaf (so exciting...) anyway, our leaf costumes were green or brown unitards with leafs attached (I know that sounds really bad, but it looked really great on stage. You'll just have to trust me on that one.)
At first the leaves were all over the unitard (they fixed that later...) and I felt like a tree! A TREE! In fact, the whole lot of us girls looked like trees! It was bad. Really hilarious, but really bad...
So later, I told a friend of mine who saw us trying on the costumes, "You know how they the Ents lost the Entwives? Well, I found them!!!"
So now she calls me The Entwife.

Great! So we're both officially Ents now... LOL

Oh and back to the Redwall topic, I really love Rakkety Tam too :)

Star-Dreamer said...

Yes indeed! Rackety Tam is amazing! :)

I took dance too... on and off. Last year I was in a performance with my jazz team. It was so awesome! We were doing a bally-wood type dance: of course, I probably looked like a total freak up there, as all the other girls were shorter and thinner than I am. lol! and the costumes were rather... umm... not flattering, in my own opinion.

But one of my friends actually was a tree! she thought it was so cool. She was an "evil" tree in a nightmare sequence. I tell you, it was so much fun! :D

The Director said...

I understand the "everyone being thinner" part.... but the difference for me is "everyone is taller"... and I'm the second oldest in the class LOL. In fact, the tallest girl in there is a month younger than me :P

I'm sure you didn't look like a freak :)
Yes, those costumes... almost as bad as rabbits....

The tree thing is cooL!

So I just got back from ballet and the library-- I have the Angel's Command and meesa going to read it!!! Hahahahahaha....

Dinner time! Bye bye!

Star-Dreamer said...

The Angel's command is really amazing! But so is the last book, and I can't remember what that one is called.. :(

I'm the oldest in my class most of the time as well. Last year I wasn't, because the oldest lady was in her 30s, but at 22, most of my classmates wonder if I was held back in school. lol! I wasn't. I was homeschooled and took 2 years off before deciding to go to college. I'm glad I did, too; I don't think I was ready for college right out of highschool.

And yeah, everyone was thinner. lol! And that's nice of you to say I didn't look like a freak, but it's difficult to tell, really... I saw the dvd of the performance and I cringed... a lot... :D

Rabbits? Where?!


The Director said...

Voyage of Slaves. I'm getting that one once I finish Angel's Command.

Yeah, I cringe a little when I watch the dvds of the performances, too.... ah, well.....

There! Rabbits! Right behind you!


Gillian said...

Haha, I did dance a really long time ago... found out that I wasn't really good at it, and gave it up! I'll stick with horses and writing and acting for now...

Speaking of writing, one of my main characters has been giving me a hard time lately. Amos certainly has a mind of his own... and he expresses it frequently and with vehemence! My goodness. Sometimes I simply can't get him to listen. lol

The Director said...

That's hilarious about your Amos character :) Hope you can wrangle him into submission.. maybe?

I had this crazy writing experience last night! So, I knew that there was this conversation/scene coming for forever, and I hadn't planned it out on paper, it was just this thing in my head, you know? Frankly, I knew how it was going to turn out AND at the same time I had NO IDEA how it was going be.
So what happened was I put my pen to my paper, picking up from where I had left off the night before, and I was visualizing the scene in my head.... actually, now that I think about it, I was watching the scene, not creating it.
And to me, I was just watching a scene.... then somewhere in the middle I realized I was writing down everything I was seeing/hearing. It was so weird!! Because the second I started writing again, reality disappeared and I was watching my story again.
So.... very very very many pages later, I had reached the end of what I could see in my head, and shut my notebook (without reading what I wrote) and put it away.
I don't know-- is that called having your pen catch fire? It just occurred to me that that's probably what happened. Anyway, I had never had quite a writing experience like that before. I mean, come on,
*I didn't even realize I was writing!*

OK, there's my rambling/babbling incoherently session for the day. I gotta go do my *Algebra* now. XD

(Haha-- so it turns out the batteries in my flaming pen DO work! LOL)

Jake said...

*watches the proceedings with interest*

Algebra? *winces* I am doing Algebra 2. xP No better way to suck out your creative ability and invite proctrastination to get its muddy feet all over the carpets.

The Director said...

I'm doing Algebra 1. Saxon Math. Are you doing Saxon?

Aw, come on Jake, what more do you need but a little "2x+x+3=x+2-5" to spark some creativity?

**laughs as Jake groans**

Gillian said...

Haha @ the Director: Wow, I wish that would happen to me! A flaming pen, eh? I've done sleep-writing before... It was the last time I did NaNo. I was really tired (I was writing at like 3 in the morning) and kept nodding off, but I didn't realize that I was still typing while I was nodding off. So when I woke up, there was a whole paragraph of nonsense - real words and even sentences, but they didn't fit together or into the story. It was pretty crazy!

Well, Amos is behaving slightly better, but I foresee another conflict in the near future. He wanted to go one way, and I wanted him to go the other - he insisted that it was too dangerous, which was exactly why I wanted him to go that way... but he argued, so I let him go... but just wait and see if something doesn't happen to make him go back the way I wanted in the first place! *evil chuckle*

Well, keep the contest carrying over the weekend! I won't be here, so I'd appreciate it if you don't let the thread die while I'm away! ;) Good luck!

Jake said...

@The Director.

The answer is x = -3. :P I just did two lessons in my math book... >_<

Ack! Saxon math?! I feel terribly for you. >_< I did Saxon for prealgebra, and I hated every moment of it. :P I am doing 'Teaching Textbooks'. Slightly more entertaining than Saxon. :) And very good.

Oh my... O.o Sleep writing? I have yet to do that...

For the information of the general populous, I am still going on NaNoWriMo. I am more or less making my goal every day. :)

The Director said...

Haha, you actually did the math :P

Actually, I really like Saxon o.O
I did Singapore until 7th grade, then I did Saxon 8/7

Sleep writing..... wonder if it's less painful than being conscious while you write.. LOL

As for my NaNo experience, I am more or less *failing* my goal every day.... haha.

Ah well, I better go check my flaming pen's batteries again....

Jake said...

Word wars help. :) I can testify to that. :D

The Director said...

I'm writing a post right now about ellipses.... I was writing just now and realized how many I used, and decided, "Must! Post! Now!"


Yes! Word Wars! Woot!


Jake said...

Word wars? O.o Hehe... >_> Actually, if ye are on the Underground forum (I do not think ye are) we are having on at 9:00 CST. :) Which is in 35's the link, if ye want to join in somehow:

The Director said...

AAAAH! Not on Underground..... read that last thingy on the forum. Um.... do I have to sign in to participate??? I don't think I could explain to parents, sign up and be ready to write in time! ACK!

This isn't WW III btw right???

Jake said...

Nay, WW III is yet to come. :) I am doing it sometime late November...probably next Friday. :)

The Director said...

Okey dokey :)

My sister's ferret is getting a bath right now... he looks like a drowned rat... a really cute one :P

Star-Dreamer said...

Math is a most definite killer for creativity. I did Saxon for a while and then... well, then I just pretended to do it. *grin* I really hated that curriculum. But you can't escape math in college. I still don't understand why an english and music major needs to reach a college algebra level... it just doesn't make any sense. When am I ever going to use that junk? lol!

Eh, slowly plugging at nano and school work. I should work more on the school work. *grin* My nano count is still absolutely pathetic, but it really is slowly moving... very slowly.

Well, have to go. I have to look up something for my german class. Bye! *waves*

Gillian said...

Alrighty! The thread is not dead... it survived the weekend. Well, I'm back. Long weekend, busy working, leading tons of trail rides, singing, etc... it was really fun!

Unfortunately... I didn't get any writing done. So, I'm a little more behind than I was before, but I'll catch up!

Ooh, yes, word wars are a great idea. Another thing that I do a lot is called jet-packing. It's where you sit down for a specific amount of time - say, 30 minutes - and write as fast as you can to get as many words down as possible. It helps a lot.

The Director said...

HI Gil! Glad you're back, and don't worry-- you WILL CATCH UP :) hahahahha....

I do timed thingys too.... and if I don't make my goal in that 30-min space or whatever, I have to do a chore for my sister. Good incentive, let me tell you!

Gillian said...

Oh Tolkien! You were so amazing!

Oh, sorry, excuse that random burst of ecstatic happiness right there! I was re-reading the epic poem about the battle of songs of power between Finrod Felagund and Sauron in the Silmarillion (yes, I'm afraid, I've read the Silmarillion and really enjoy it too!) Such an awesome epic poem... Tolkien was brilliant, simply brilliant!!!

Alright, time for me to put aside the Silmarillion and get back to work on my not-quite-so-epically-brilliant Nano project! Haha. *picking up sword* Here we go again. *runs off into the evening on the trail of the dragon*

Star-Dreamer said...

I'm about ready to cry. Just found out my computer is fried: well, the hard-drive is anyway. I'm having someone fix it, but I feel so lost without it right now, and all my novels and everything is on it. I hope I don't loose everything! Then I really will cry.

On an up-note that does make me feel slightly better, I was invited by focus-on-the-family to go to a prescreening of "Voyage on the Dawn Treader"!!!! So excited! I'm going this thursday. Can't wait!!!!!!!! :D

The Director said...

Go Gil! :)

Star-Dreamer, hope your computer survives! There's no crying in baseball!!

Hey did anybody read Jake's last post? I wonder what's up......

Jake said...

*appears* Someone say my name? *glances around* Just wanted to offer my condolences and prayer, Star Dreamer. Now...


The Director said...

*I* said you name! Get back here, you!


Jake said...

*says mysteriously* Email shall answer all questions regarding that blog post...but the authorities are going to break in on this soon, gotta get the word out...gotta get the word out...YAHH! *disappears again*

The Director said...

Received highly confidential email... yaah!

*disappears like Jake*

Gillian said...

Oh Star-Dreamer, I hope you don't lose everything! Agh! I know the feeling.

Wow, exciting about the Narnia movie! Wish I could go! :)

Well, I feel like my Nano project would go better... if I didn't have writer's ADHD! lol Every time I try to focus all of my attention on one project, my mind literally explodes with billions of ideas for other projects! Still, I'm slowly but surely catching up! Yes! Die you evil wordcount monster, die!

Oh and exciting stuff: I'm going to Haiti!!! Read about it on my most recent blog post!

The Director said...

Haha, Gil. I totally get your writer's ADHD thing... tell me about it!
I read your post but haven't commented yet, sorry! Have fun in Haiti!

Star-Dreamer said...

I saw that post! Congrats! I didn't comment though, but that was mostly because I didn't have a lot of time.

Thanks everybody for your prayers. Now he said I might have to wait until Friday to get the computer back. It was going to be tomorrow, but apparently my lappy is really sick and being stubborn.

I know what you mean about writer's ADHD as well... oh look! Shiny! But I've learned to... what was that sound?

I forgot what I was saying.

Oh well... I think I'll go try to get that confidential email.

If I don't get sideracked on the way. :D

Gillian said...

Yeah, I'm so excited about Haiti!

Haha, oh writer's ADHD, thou bane upon my existence! I've been trying to focus on my Nano project, but there was a short story in the back of my mind demanding to be written... and so I wrote it. In fact, I'm thinking about some day fleshing it out into a full length novel... but not now! First I have to finish Nano! lol

@ Star-Dreamer: I hope your laptop gets better soon! ;)

The Director said...

I know every novel idea sounds better than my NaNo story right now sheesh!

Get well Lappy!

Ah, yes... **the** confidential email (chuckles evilly)

Castaways of the Flying Dutchman is awesome-- book 3 is keeping me from writing lol.

Gillian said...

Hmm, Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, eh? I've heard it talked about. Methinks I shall have to look into it, since I'm in need of something to read.

Well, I took a very big step today. *deep breath* I sent out query letters for my finished manuscript! I'm not expecting a whole lot, but I figure it's like auditioning for a play, the more you do it, the easier it becomes, right?! lol So, now comes the long waiting time... which really won't be spent waiting since I have so many other projects to work on! Including finishing Nano... speaking of which *groans* I should be going!


The Director said...

Wowo, Gil! Query letters, shoot! I'm excited for you!

If you're curious about Castaways, I did post a review of the first book on my blog. The book will remind you of Redwall, I bet. Though the second and third books come into their own, which is good.

Ack! I better go too..... the dread NaNo **shivers**

Hey does anyone else use Write or Die? I just checked it out for the first time yesterday and love it! I haven't bought it yet, though, I use the free online version....

Write on, Wrimos!

Star-Dreamer said...

This not being able to write is driving me up the wall... quite literally! I don't know what to do with myself. I always outline and brainstorm on paper, then I move to the keyboard to write my work and since I'm an SOTP writer, I can't write my work unless I have a computer to write it on. And I don't want to do it on the school computers because I can't save it to them. And I don't want to start something from scratch... I want to work on "Eldrie"...


Friday can't come soon enough. Then I'm supposed to get Lappy back and he should be safe and sound, working properly, and with all my documents (hopefully) in all the right places.

Until then, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I stayed up until 6:00 am last night reading because I simply couldn't write and I couldn't sleep because I couldn't write. This all sounds so pathetic, but what is a writer to do if they've lost the very thing that makes them what they are? OK, so my laptop wasn't what made me a writer, but what about all of those stories, poems, songs, pictures that I was working on painting... what about those? They're all on there.


I'm sorry, Jake, for completely ranting on and on about this... especially here. I just need to vent.


Thanks for all the kind words, guys. They've helped a lot: really. Keep praying. I'm hoping all of my documents and folders can be saved, but the person working on my comp says he estimates somewhere around 75 - 80%. God can pull a miracle from this and make that 80% into 100%, so please keep praying!

Thanks to everyone.


The Director said...

So sorry, Nichole! I feel so bad for you :(
BTW what is a SOTP writer?

I'm sorry, this is funny: "6:00 *am* **last night**"

I get it, though. I was up until 5 am one morning to finish "Father of Dragons" :P

I'll be praying that you get Lappy back in perfect condition. *hugs*

Gillian said...

Whew, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well, winter anyway. It looks so bleak and cold outside it makes me want to snuggle up in my blanket with some coffee. It's really not that cold out there - looks can be deceiving!

I went riding last night for the first time in quite a while. It was amazing. Haha, my poor horse has grown quite a hay belly, I had to loosen the back cinch quite a bit to get it on him! But even though it wasn't that cold while I was riding, there was some sort of a wind storm going on, and it was blowing so hard from the North! Brrr. It was fun though.

Gillian said...

Whoah... it's been 24 hours... did I just... no way... did I just kill the thread?

Surely that's not possible?

Anyway, lol, I had a great night of writing last night! I stayed up way too late, but I got 4,341 words written, and could have kept going but I decided it was time to sleep before the sun rose! :) Horray! The Nano monster has been dealt a death wound. Only a little while longer, now.

Jake said...

I think ye killed the thread Gillian. ;) Congradulations! XD Shoot me an email with an address and name, etc. :)

By the way--my math is stalking you. :| The problem below reflects my hypothesis.

"Gillian is taking an interior decorating class. She scored a 90 on her first test, which required her to turn a small attic into a cozy home office. But she only scored a 75 on her second test, which required her to turn a modern living room into a retro den. What is the lowest score that Gillian can make on her third and final test in order to have an overall average of 85?"

An easy question, but so...menacing. :| Anyhow, I must prepare a post in which to congradulate ye...

Star-Dreamer said...

lol! yeah, "6am last night" doesn't really work, does it? But in my defense, it WAS still dark out...

Congrats Gil! *shakes hand*

And I got my lappy back!!!! *does a dance around the room* Yeah!!!!!

But I still have to re-install several programs before it's completely back up to par so I'd better get working on that.

Also got a poem published in the school literary journal. Fun!

*spins in random circles*

Somebody stop me before I fall down!!! (I've had way to much caffeine today! lol! :D)