Monday, September 28, 2015

LINKS: "Not KPRadio" Podcast and Stasis is FREE ON KINDLE!

For once, Monday is a good day.

That's right - because two great things are happening at once: Daniel Thompson has released a podcast featuring yours truly, and of course, STASIS is currently FREE ON KINDLE!

Feast your eyes, folks, on this screenshot:

Isn't it beautiful?  Here's where you can get some of the goodness.

First, check out our thirty minutes of awesomeness by clicking on this link to Soundcloud: "The Pixar Method, Braintrusts, and I'M FIRED?! with Jake Buller"

Next, check out the Amazon page for STASIS to download a free copy.  This free promotion starts today and goes through the end of September, this Wednesday.  Got it?  Good.  Click HERE to head over to Amazon!

If you've already listened to the podcast or read my anthology, there is more you can do to help!  Both the podcast and my book have places where you can review them.  If you have a bit of time, help a brothah out and write a quick review!

Thanks, guys - and ENJOY!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stasis is going to be FREE ON KINDLE - plus, a radio interview!

Hey there, ladies and gentlemen!  It's always wonderful to read a blog post with the word "free" in the title - and aye, you read it correctly.  STASIS - my collection of Will Vullerman stories - is going to be FREE ON KINDLE starting on Monday!

It's part of a promotion I'm doing for a radio show.  I've posted about this show previously, if you recall, in reviewing the first episode.  And the rumors are true - I'm being hosted on Daniel Thompson's lovely podcast (which I wholeheartedly recommend, by the way) and we're going to be talking about Pixar and the beauty of simple stories.

It's going to be a fantastic show.  I'm in my element, and Daniel is a great host, so it's going to be both entertaining and - I hope - informative for you as a writer.

I'll post a link to the episode AND to the Amazon page of Stasis tomorrow - so check back then!  I can't wait.