Concerning the Writer

Jake is a mysterious, trenchcoat-wearing writer known only by his first name.  You may find him wearing a fedora, providing that he hasn't lost it again.  He's also been the author of Teenage Writer for three years.

He's the author of over a half-dozen novels, and is not as of yet "officially" published, although he has self-published a novella entitled The War Horn.  You can find more information about his novels on the Novels page.

Jake believes in Jesus Christ, and His salvation for all who believe in His name; and he lives his life according to Christ's will, for the glory of God.  This controls everything he says and does, including his writing.

He is interested in such things as G. K. Chesterton, Doctor Who, turkeys, trenchcoats, fedoras, Kansas, snow, espionage, Elves, fantasy, water, rootbeer, and the art of writing.

If you wish to find him, you should look in the middle of nowhere, and if you don't find him there, you may find him in West Africa, roaming on the picturesque beaches or hiding in a corner, hunched over a laptop.

Maybe you'll find him inspiring.  Maybe you'll find him funny.  Either way, he hopes you walk away from this blog with a smile on your face.