Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some Rather Important News

If you follow my blog, please read this post.  It's rather important. 

Take a look at this picture.  And then, read this post.

It's hard to find a way to put this.  To put prayers and work and God and glory and emotion into a sentence, into a blog post; such a task is hard.

Basically, you might find a slight decrease in blogging here at Teenage Writer.  Maybe a major decrease in blogging.  Maybe even a stop in blogging.  Who knows?

The thing is, God's been at work, and some of His plans are coming to fruition.

Like I've told other people, long story short; the Sadaar Clan (a neat name for me, my siblings, and my parents) is moving to the bush.  The big Bush.  The biggest Bush of all.

Africa.  Liberia, to be specific.  See the arrows?  I'm a fantastic artist, as you can see. ;)

We're going to be off, soon (once God sells our house) to see what God has in store for us in Liberia.  It's going to be fantastic.

So, what will this move mean for Teenage Writer?  I have no idea.  I may be able to keep blogging.  I may not.  We'll see.  At this point, I'm unsure how the move will effect my writing and my blogging.

But one thing I do know; we need as many prayers as we can get.  Prayer is essential for this to work.  So, if you could, please pray for the family, for Liberia, and for the house to sell.  Once the house sells, we're pretty much off on the adventure.

And don't worry, I won't disappear right away.  I'll still be around, and I'll keep you all updated.

Thanks for reading my blog, folks.  You are all fantastic. :)



Jake said...

And, by the way, feel free to ask questions. I'll be happy to answer them. :)

The Director said...

Dude, oh my gosh. Wow, man.... wow.

Glad to know the Lord is working. What a move though!

We'll definitely be praying for you over here. Anything else specific I can add to the list?

And since you are encouraging questions, what is it in particular that is prompting this move?

Also, are you so totally nervous? I would be.... (OO)

The Director said...

Ok, car and house. *takes notes*

Well, no nervousness obviously means that you've been given some major 'peace that surpasses understanding' ;) We'll be keeping you guys in our prayers.

Thanks for the brief history, too :]

Oh now I'm feeling obnoxious, but do you have an estimated departure date-goal? I mean, obviously once the house is sold, but is there a time constraint?

Eldra said...

Wow! That's amazing news (though not entirely unexpected, due to Manny's blog)! I'm so glad God's working in your family. I'll definitely keep you in my prayers.

Turns out you're going to Africa before we are. O_o

Have you ever been overseas before? Or even off the continent?

everlastingscribe said...

That is SO cool. I have a friend who is looking on going to Africa as a missionary, and another who works with YWAM Belfast and takes teams over to "The Dark Continent" on a regular basis. Question time!

1) Any idea WHERE in Liberia? After all it is bit of a largish place

2) What will your clan be doing? Working with preexisting missions, starting something new, interfacing with the local churches?

3) Any specific prayers for you guys? Like passports headaches, immunizations, green cards, schooling, etc?

4) Not really a question but I thought it needed a number :D

I would be very surprised if you didn't at least update once a month. If the YWAMMERS from Tibet can update ;) pretty certain you will too.

Jake said...

By the way, you might have noticed that several comments have disappeared. This is because sensitive information had been shared that should have been left unsaid—my apologies for the inconvenience.

I'll get to your questions first thing tomorrow.

Clair~ said...

Wow, that's so awesome and I'm so excited for you! I've lived in Africa my whole life, and it's always been home to me. It's so wonderful that God has called your family there :)

Christopher said...

Congratulations Jake! What does your family plan to do in Liberia? I will keep you in prayer.

When you do actually plan to move?
Also, I didn't quite get this from the post. Are you moving there permanantely (I spelled that wrong), or are you just going there on a long mission trip?


Hannah Joy said...

Wow. That's bizarre. And incredible. So glad that God is able to work in mysterious ways! I hope you keep up with the blog, but I can understand if you don't. And you're right there in my prayers.

All I have is one question: You will still write, right? I mean, in books?

Ok, ok, one more. If you *do* decide to quit the Teenage Writer blog, will you keep your other blog?

Brenna said...

Praying for you for sure :) And if you feel like returning the favor, you could pray for financial aid for my upcoming mission trip to Peru :P


Charlotte said...

Wow! Africa. I'm soo jealous, it's like the ONE place I've always wanted to go to :) There'll definately be plenty of prayers coming from my direction.

Adventure, you read about it, you write about it, but it's not often you get to live it. Make the most of it.

God bless,


Charlotte said...

Nice drawing.

P.P.S What's with the french?

Hasta luego.

Squeaks said...

NOoooooooo!!!!!! Just don't leave forever! Going to Africa sounds SO MUCH FUN! but keep us updated (if possible) because I know I would terrrrribly miss your posts! They're so epic. What would the world be like without the Pen of Doom and Jake of Sadaar :S

Pathfinder said...

Not good that's what, Squeaks. Not good. I just hope he'll still be able to talk to his fellow Elves...

Jake said...

Okay, so I said "first thing tomorrow" and tomorrow is now several days back. We canceled our internet. Sorry 'bout that!

Actually, it all depends on the house. If it had been sold a month ago, we'd be gone already. ^_^ The house is just about the only thing keeping us from going, methinks.

No and no. XD This should be interesting.

1) Not too large, actually. It's smaller than a few of the states. O_o Actually, methinks it's best to keep that off the internet. :) My apologies!

2) We'll see. O_o Mom and Dad are the ones who are working that stuff out. I'm just along for the ride, lol.

3) Eh, not much. Just the house. And, I have to take malaria pills. Which won't be pretty; I have somewhat of a gag reflex and haven't taken pills before. :P

4) Probably so. Like I keep saying, we shall see! :)

Indeed, indeed!

This and that. All of it to God's glory, I know that much. :)

I believe I sorta answered your second question earlier in this comment.

I think the best answer to that would be permanently. :)

@Hannah Joy
Yes, yes! I plan to keep writing as long as I live, unless God has other plans.

I don't plan to quit anything, actually. I shall blog whenever I have the chance. :)

Good gravy! BARIE! I haven't seen you in half of forever! I have never before glomped someone, but I'm getting close. :| Good to see you!

And I shall pray, definitely!

Indeed, and thank you!

Ah, the's a long story. In short, I am learning French for school, and it is also a reference to the TV show Doctor Who. It has a huge amount of meaning for those who watch DW. :)

I should think that the world would be considerably safer without me and my Pen. ;) I shall post at every chance I get, Squeaks!

I shall try my best. I'll be stalking the Underground and waiting for Pathfinder the Nice to emerge. :|