Sunday, January 13, 2013

An Unexpected Hiatus

Life is my excuse, as usual, for this unexpected hiatus.  I hope not to make this a habit, but I have been forcibly removed from this blog for some time.  (Oddly enough, Facebook appeared to be a permitted site.  Interesting how that happens, isn't it?)

The hiatus isn't just from this blog, unfortunately.  I haven't written anything by way of fiction since I last blogged, and I've only read a couple of books.  (The last one should show how busy I really am; it took me almost two weeks to read the steampunk novel I received in my grandparents' Christmas package!)

School started, too, and that dragged me down into an endless pit of double literature and pre-calculus.

Still, I hope that 2013 will start looking up.  If I can get my schoolwork under control (unlikely, but I can always hope) finishing up The Voice of God will be my primary goal for January.  Then, Will Vullerman.  Then, a leisurely time on Tornado C.

What about on here?  Well, I have quite a few articles brewing in my head, and hopefully an upcoming review on a new modern fantasy novel.

Oh, and maybe a chance to get some free e-copies of The War Horn, for those of you who don't have Kindle.  Sound good?


Hopefully I'll be back soon.  If I'm not, I blame Africa.  Living here is kind of a full-time occupation!


Storyteller SilverLoom said...

What was the title of the steampunk novel? Was it any good?

Elizabeth L.W. said...

Sounds good to me! :-D