Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'm actually pretty good at foreshadowing.

(And apparently not so good at titles.)

Unfortunately, in this particular instance, being pretty good at foreshadowing is not a good thing.  I mean, it's a "good" thing, but not a good "thing".

The principle for foreshadowing is this: foreshadow something, and if it is bad, make it awful; if it is good, make it incredible.  The actual event that is being foreshadowed must be even more monumental than we thought.

I did a really good foreshadowing the ending of my novel (Tornado C).  In this case, however, I'm struggling actually writing something so epic as to measure up to the expectations that I built up in my readers for the last eighty thousand words.

I love the foreshadowing.

But not so much the actual fulfillment.  Or at least writing the actual fulfillment.

But as they say, all good writing is rewriting.  I'd better write it and set to making it epic afterward.

POST SCRIPTUM: (In case you haven't noticed, this means that I am again working on Tornado C and crawling by inches towards the ending.  All going well, I should have the novel finished by the twentieth.  All not going well, I'll be finishing this novel and another one the night of the thirty-first.  Oops.  Whose idea was it to do NaNoWriMo again this year?  Oh, yeah.  Mine.)

POST SCRIPTUM THE SECOND: (In case you didn't look at the time at which this post was posted, it's well after midnight.  I'll use that as my excuse, although to be honest, I think I really am this mentally twisted.)

POST SCRIPTUM THE THIRD: (Have an epic Owl City song.  You're welcome.)


Sarah said...

Glad to hear your writing is going well! Foreshadowing is fun.

Good luck with NaNoWriMo, especially if you're still working on Tornado C. at the time. What's your NaNo username, out of curiosity?

Epic Owl City songs are epic. Especially that one.

Aarathyn Arvell said...

Awesome song. One of my new favorites!

Bluebelle said...

Well, titles may not be your thing, but obviously you have a passion for writing. :) I sympathize with the situation you now find yourself in. I'm vaguely dreading the end of my book. But keep going. You can do it!

Jake said...

Preparing to write the Denouement, which means I'm just one writing session away from finishing. I did write the ending, and I'm satisfied with it - as a rough draft. Plenty to work on, to be sure.