Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Delicate Art of Sleep Deprivation

As the title says, my sleep schedule has been less than stellar of late.  Mostly I get eight hours where I can, despite being a homeschooled highschooler with no job to speak of.  Thus, I go to sleep sometime between ten in the evening and three in the morning, and I wake up sometime between seven in the morning and noon.

It's a long story, but life has been interesting.

My writing life is a different story.  (Get it?  Different story?  Eheheheh...uh, yeah.  Never mind.) I have been updating Reflecting the Mirror semi-regularly, however.  If you want a more consistent blog, feel free to drop on over there.  I write about anything from roosters to hand soap to theology.  (My personal favorite is a wistful ramble about afternoons.)

Besides that, the two main writing things I've been working on are tied together.

First, I'm working on Tornado C's world-building.  (Yes, I DID spend three months back in 2012 doing that...but you know how it is.  Writing the novel exposed some holes in my world that need to be filled before I do my revisions.  And also I just love working with story guts and all of the little details that make up a world.  I get knee-deep in history.)  I'd give you a scan of the fruit of my labors (a crisply penciled map) but unfortunately our printer throws fits.  You'll have to wait.

The other thing I'm working on is developing a resource for fantasy writers (and myself) for creating unique cultures.  Of course, since I never do things simply, I'm first creating a whole model of culture that will allow me to predict changes in culture when new factors are introduced.  If the result doesn't flop, it should work very well for creating colorful and unique cultures.

If it does turn out, then maybe I'll share some of it here!  Sound good?

One more thing.  I'm finished with all of my Will Vullerman revisions, so a chance to read the newly revised versions for free is coming up soon.  Keep your potatoes peeled!  (That's the correct phrase, right?)

Till next time, how are your writing endeavors coming along?  Read any good books lately? (I recently read Outcasts by Jill Williamson; before that, I read The Staff and the Sword series, which was the best fantasy series I've read in several years.)

See you soon!


Sarah said...

I would love to see your culture model; it sounds very interesting (not to mention helpful!).

My writing's been going ok. I've been trying to keep up a 100-words-a-day goal outside of NaNo events. As for good books, I agree, the Staff and the Sword series was awesome. Though the end drove me crazy. Other than that, I've been doing mostly rereading lately.

Brooke Faulkner said...

Nice pun. ;)

I can't wait to read The Outcasts. Jill is awesome and her books look great. Although I haven't read any as of yet.

Keturah Lamb said...

Wow, sounds neat! I've also been busy...can't wait to see your book. I write for a monthly challenge at a knitting/crotching site).