Monday, April 14, 2014

Progress in Pictures

So yeah, six hundred words in a week isn't that great.  It's all six hundred words of blood and sweat, however.  Creating cultures isn't easy.

I did, however, finish this.

This is the "resource" I mentioned several posts ago to help writers to develop vibrant and real cultures.  It was pretty fun to make—now I'm not quite sure what to do with it.  Any ideas?  Put it in DropBox, maybe, and let you guys download it?

I'm open to suggestions!

Now—for some procrastination and, hopefully, some more culture development.


Sarah said...

Awesome that you finished your culture resource! The Dropbox option sounds like it could work. Or if you know how to make it a PDF, you could do that and then link it, though I'm not entirely sure how you do that. (I just know it's possible.)

Anonymous said...

To change it to PDF you right-click your folder and click Properties. From there you can choose how you want to open it.

Anne-girl said...

PDF might work better since not everyone has Dropbox or knows how to use it.