Monday, May 5, 2014

Read "The Thirteenth Call" and "The Immortal Man" for FREE!

I've been working like mad to wrap up my revisions for my Will Vullerman stories.  After overhauling "The Thirteenth Call" and rewriting large portions of "The Immortal Man", I've finally declared them finished!  All going well, I'm hoping to release them Kindle later this year.

As a result, here I am again, after more than a year.  I'm continuing the tradition of the first two stories—blog readers get to read Will Vullerman for free!

Since it's been a long time I last made this offer, let me amend it: you can request to read any or all of the Will Vullerman stories.  Even the first two have gone through some minor touch-ups, so if you want to reread them, feel free to request all four stories.

But before you do, read the requirements:

First, you must be a follower or “chronic reader” of this blog at the time of this post to be eligible for these free copies. That just means that you have to be one of the current 170+ Google followers, or that you're someone who has been reading this blog for a while.

Second, I need to receive an email from you in order for you to get your free copies. Send me an email at jtbdude [at] gmail [dot] com requesting your copies, letting me know that you're a follower or a reader of this blog.

Lastly, make sure and tell me the format in which you'd like to read the story. I can supply three versions: .odt, PDF, and .doc.  If you don't specify what file type you want, I'll send it in .doc.

Once I get an email from you, please be patient. It may take awhile for me to reply—longer than a week, perhaps.  My internet isn't terribly reliable.

There are no strings attached. While I'd value your opinions and critiques, they are not required for you to receive the story.  (If you do notice some bad plot holes or typos, feel free to let me know.)

Please consider, however, writing a review once the stories come out on Kindle—balanced reviews are crucial on Amazon!

The offer doesn't go on forever. This is only available to blog followers from now up until the time Will Vullerman is published. After that, this post no longer valid. So if you wish to read these stories, please email me as soon as you can!