Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Commander Dakor's Letter to the Front

(In other words, this is yet another world-building and revision post.)

Things are going well over here across the pond.  I just finished a significant chunk of my revisions (the first seven chapters of the twenty-four chapter novel) and I'm enjoying myself.

Since my revisions today were remarkably scant (Chapter Seven is nearly perfect), I wrote up some extraneous stuff for fun.

The result?

An official letter which was actually sent out in the novel, but isn't ever directly mentioned or quoted.  It's written by Commander Dakor Meldrein, my villain.  (He is by far my favorite villain; and do ignore the horrible signature I came up with for him.  It's the best I could do with five minutes and Paint.)  This takes place shortly after Sub-General Percidon makes some pretty bad strategic moves and loses some critical ground on the Vandar River.

I hope you enjoy it! ;)

P.S. - I updated the "Novels" page up at the top and renamed it "Projects".  All of my life's work is laid out there in statistics and dusty old dates, so if you're that sort of person (I sure am), feel free to check it out!  In case the bar at the top isn't obvious enough, you can click here.


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Bluebelle said...

*laughs* Well, your villain isn't sarcastic at all, is he? :D

Very fun post, Jake! You inspire me to be more diligent with my world-building plans.

Sarah said...

Those last two lines are awesome. Just saying.

Keturah Lamb said...

Lol :D