Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Years' Resolutions?

I'm not much of a guy for New Years' Resolutions. You know--that time of year when all of America resolve themselves to do something and end up never doing? The time of year when everyone resolves to go to the YMCA more often? (What's with that, anyway?) The wintry season when everyone promises themselves they will reform or expand on one thing or another--and fail?

Well, New Years' resolutions never really appealed to me. Resolving things gets you nowhere, after all--you have to actually do something about the resolution. But perhaps, this year, I'd thought I'd set some goals for 2011. Aye, resolutions--don't look at me like that. Despite my previous paragraph of dry comments regarding the failure of most resolutions, this is something I am fairly sure I can do. Really. Hear me out.

I'll lay it out in points. If you've followed me long enough, you might have discovered my deep affection for lists. Bullet points, more or less. It makes me feel more organized. ;) But it isn't a bad way to go.

1) I am going to finish revising the Book of Shaldu

No brainer. I've already tried to 'resolve' myself to finish it before 2011, but it didn't work out. But this is actually a harder goal to achieve than you might have thought. You see, I recieved a mysterious package in the mail the other day. Twas 'The Art and Craft of Writing Christian Fiction', one of the greatest books on writing ever written. And I've read almost half of it. It has absolutely blown me away with superb writing advice...and my own vices. The Book of Shaldu needs a lot more revision than I thought, particularly in the Character Development department. Like one endorsement said--"He's so full of good writing advice that you just want to beat him up." There! Resolution one is done. >_>

2) I am going to write the second book in The Prophecies of Shaldu series and lay out the rest of the series

Okay, a little harder goal. Let's be honest--tis a lot harder. (For those of you who are clueless, the Book of Shaldu is the first book in the Prophecies of Shaldu series, and is not affiliated with my Sadaar Trilogy.) Writing an entire book in a year--aye, it's doable. After all, there's a NaNoWriMo for 2011 as well. But laying out the entire series as well as revising the Book of Shaldu--it's going to be pretty tough, especially for me (being a SOP writer). I'm not much of an outliner--the entire reason for my outlining the series is because of the possibility of publishing. If I were to try and publish the Book of Shaldu, I would probably need the entire series planned out. So that is that--resolution two.

3) I am going to try and write a novel in a way I've never written before

No one but I knows about this little novel idea hiding in my documents. It all started when I read an interview with Jacob Parker on Noah's blog. Long story short, it inspired me to write in a way I have never written before. So I have a scene written out. I have no idea who the character is. Or where he is going. Or why. Or even where he is. But I'm going to try, sometime in the next year, to write a novel based on that scene and my goals for that novel. And it's going to be one novel, with no sequels. <_< So hopefully I shall write it out sometime in 2011.

4) is a secret

Sorry readers, but resolution four is a secret. Secretly sneaky secrets. <_< I cannot tell you what it is for fear of word getting out of--wait! Do ye hear anything? *glances around and puts his hand on the handle of his sword* There! *dives off of the page and buries himself in the archives, black cloak flying*

*peeks out* See you next time. I have to stay low for a while. ;) While you're waiting--what writerly-relating resolutions (what an interesting phrase!) are you planning for 2011?

Signed in secret....


Marian said...

I'm a new follower; your blog posts are very interesting and fun to read! I've given up on resolutions...I prefer goals, but even then, I use them more like a guideline than a deadline. :P

My 2011 writing goals mainly consist of researching and getting ready to write my first historical fiction novel. I'm also hoping to self-publish some poetry, if all goes well. :)

Jake said...

Hey Marian!

Historical fiction? Excellent! I don't write it myself, but I enjoy reading some, on occasion.

Thanks for stopping by!

Creative Artist said...

Hey Jake, won't you tell me your secret? I won't tell any rabbits. *looks imploring*

Ah, well, its probably useless to ask... I haven't even read your NOVELS!! And I'm your sister. :O :O :O :O :O

whisper said...

"He's so full of good writing advice that you just want to beat him up." ROTAL. :D :D It reminds me of another fantastic writing quote.... in the words of W. Sommerset Maugham [sp?]: "There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are."

Fantastic post, and worthy resolutions - I hope God aids you in the fulfillment of them! Myself, I've never really taken New Year's resolutions seriously either, but I have plans to do so this year. They won't be drastic projects but more of simple aspects of my life I'd like to improve - ie, sit straighter, play more chess with Sting, edit a particular novel of mine, read more, and floss frequently. :)

Wondering of secrecy,

Eldra said...

Now you have the entire world curious. *wiggles ears* I thought Christmas was over already!

Jake said...

Christmas is over. But there is always time for egg nog. ;)

Aye! I have heard of that quote. :) Chess, reading, and editorial quests...worthy resolutions! I myself have only played chess once or twice, but I should like to try it sometime. :) Is the novel you are editing the one you wrote for NaNoWriMo?

Eldra said...

I meant in terms of keeping secrets, but apparently egg nog is good all year. I don't like egg nog, personally, but everyone else that I know does.

The Director said...

Egg Nog?!??! *looks around*

Anyway, I agree with ye on the whole resolution deal.. 'tis kinda lame-o to me, but whatever... if I send you a cookie and some pizza and pie, will you tell me the secret? *looks hopefully*

Writing goals? Ah, tis painful. 1) finish my NaNovel. I hit 50k but tis nowhere near done yet, drat! 'Tis historical fiction/fantasy. It's about the grandson of St. George. Oh yeah, but you knew that!

2) Write the screenplay for Red Crosse. Whoa--*covers mouth* I didn't say anything!

3) figure out what book I'm gonna write next. o_O

4) visit my 20-billion years in the maing fantasy series. Sorry Daniel and Keziah! I haven't forgotten you! The Tilchaest's will live on! *blushes*

yo, Jake, what's SOP mean? *feels stupid and scratches head*

Jake said...

Oh. XD Well, secrets are kept all year 'round, ye know. And not liking egg nog *shakes head in astonishment* I absolutely love it. :)

@The Director
O_o Tidy lists! Hurrah!

....*blinks* At any rate, that was a good list. :) SOP means Seat of Pants Writer. One who does not outline.

Eldra said...

Sorry, no likee. But it means you can have my share. Late Christmas present for you.

The Director said...

Glad you like tidy lists, Jake. Are you OCD or something or are you just overly fond of tidy lists??


Jake said...

OCD...? I am just overly fond of tidy lists. ;) Which is strange, since I am not a tidy person myself. <_<