Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The League

Greetings, all!  No, this isn't a full blown post (unless you count the sheer epicness factor), but it IS a post.  Be grateful for what you get. ;)  I'll be getting some posts up soon.

So anyway, the purpose of this post is this: I am happy to announce the commencement of an epic blog for the League of Extraordinary Scribes!

*takes a look at the blank faces*  It's a League of writers. ;)  That's a basic summary for ya.  It's a Facebook group composed of about sixty plus members (and growing!) of Scribes who do writing challenges and many other things (most of which I do not have the time to recount).  Be rest assured, it is a fantastic blog!  You can find it here: the first post is an awesome interview of Amanda Bradburn, author of the Keepers of Elenath (which I reviewed).  It's a great interview.   :)

If you have a couple minutes, stop by and follow it, and read the interview.  If you don't, put it on to the-to-do-list. :)  You won't regret following.

Au revoir!


Elizabeth Eiowing said...

Woohoo!! :D

Eldra said...

I know this has nothing to do with this post, but I seriously think you should check this out, Jake. *glances over shoulder* They're following us. *whispers* The rabbits. They've claimed yet another innocence blogger. Can we save her, or is it too late?

Jake said...

*gasp* Bunnies disguised as rabbits. Possessed bunnies. It may be too late, but perhaps the blogger can make it out alive. I have my own battle on the front to take care of. :|