Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where in the Name of Cheez-Its has Jake Gone?

Greetings and Hallucinations, Elves, Dwarves, Readers, and other strange characters!

It's been a while since I've been here.  Things have been hectic here in Kansas.  Between schoolwork and lots of other activities, I've barely had any time to write.  (And I assure you, for once, it's not Procrastination's fault.  This time it's Mathe.)

But a few new things are coming my way in the direction of writing.  If all goes well, most of my school will be finished on Friday.  But I have to do triple schoolwork everyday to do that. (OO)

Right now, I'm working on my One Year Adventure Novel.  It must be done before the middle of June (my goal), due to the fact that I am hopefully going to the OYAN Workshop at the end of June.  The famed EaglesWings will also be there.  Right now, I'm at 2,675 words, with a goal of at least 25K.  It's my first 'historical novel', but it's really very similar to my fantasy novels, taking place in 1100s England.  Some legends are being used, and I'm excited about it. :)

For those of you waiting with bated breath for the next segment of A Battle Fought at Midday, breathe.  It's coming sometime soon.  If not this week, then next weekend.

Some non-writing stuff has been happening as well.  Though the world didn't end yesterday, it got awfully close.  We were under a tornado warning for a while last night, and a bad thunderstorm.  No tornadoes touched down, but sirens were going off.

Also, my mom is having me read the Kansas Driving Handbook.  Beware, Kansas drivers, beware....

That's all I have time to write. :)  More posts coming within the week! (I think.  If I don't post, Mathe has eaten me.)


The Director said...

Good luck with OYAN- I shall be eagerly awaiting further news of it. Your story sounds.... intriguing ;)

Praying for you guys over there in Kansas- tornado warnings sound like no fun.

Squeaks said...

lol, good luck with keeping Mathe away from you :P I tried an failed many a fact, I do think I ended up leaving a bit of my heart with Mathe but...that's another story lol.

Yikes! Tornadoes!! Not fun!! I forgot that you guys get those out there. My dad was in the states for a medical meeting and he was in a danger zone when a tornado warning went off lol. That's totally new for us, cuz where we live, the main threat is fires...and well...those are a whole different story of horror lol! I hope you guys keep safe!


Hannah Joy said...

Good luck on your novel. I doubt I could write that much in so little time. I'm terrible with deadlines.

Speaking of donuts (well, not really, but I wasn't sure how to bring this up) I signed up for this blog on email, but didn't get an email when a new post came up. Have you had any problems with this before? I also didn't receive one for Castles Quills and Cameras, so I wonder if it is just blogspot.

Well, anyway, good luck and stay safe with that weather and all. Oh yes, and your driving. I'm starting to learn as well. :)

Creative Artist said...

Stayed up till one A.M. during a tornado watch. Puppy was really annoying, and just whined when we shut her in a small space in the basement. Moby, as always, slept through it all. :)

In Joplin M.O. a tornado hit the ground and caused ultimate destruction. It was what, a mile, a mile and a half wide? It lasted like nine minutes, and killed 116 (I think) people, and increasing rapidly. This morning there was like only eighty or so. :P What's worse, a hospital was hit.

Endurance and Victory on that novel, brother. :)


Anonymous said...

so sad. I hate hearing about national disasters. Good luck with the OYAN!

Driving? He he. You should have seen my first attempt (if you would have survived it) *laughs evilly*

--The Invisible Watcher