Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick Update, Folks

Hey, readers, it's me!

I'm trying to type up a quick update on how things are going but my hands and my fingers—GAH—itch!  Mosquitoes love me...and all they can eat are my hands.  All the rest of me is secure.


First, writing-related news.  The short story I'm working on, the Letter, is getting close to the climax.  However, I've hit some plot problems and I'm trying to work them out.

I started a rewrite on the Book of Shaldu not too long ago. Due to the fact that the heavily narrative and telling style of the novel was strewn throughout the entire book, it's just about easier to rewrite the whole thing with properly corrected prose and also fix the numerous plot holes.

I'm also thinking about doing NaNoWriMo.  In Africa. (No, we haven't left yet, but it's likely that we will before November rolls around.)  It would be crazy.

Crazy awesome.

Other-news-wise, yesterday was my day-of-birth.  It was an absolutely fantastic day.  And, (we didn't even plan it that way) my friend Millard came and stayed at our house while he was in KC.  He's a great guy. :D

My sister Manny also cooked up some awesomeness.  Literally and figuratively.  She and Mom made pie and cheesecake that night, and Manny came home with clothing as a birthday gift.

But it wasn't your normal clothing gift.

No, sirr'ee.

She bought me a—





I've been wearing it since.  I'm wearing it now, actually.  It's EPIC.

Well, I have to fly.  See ya, folks!


Eldra said...

A trenchcoat??? What an AWESOME gift!!! And you got cheesecake?! *faints* So yummy!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! *pulls out the giant black olive* We must party again. *nods* Parties are Epic. Especially if they involve cheesecake and/or chocolate. I'll trade you some Cheez-Its for a slice of cheesecake.

Christopher said...

Happy birthday! Glad to hear you had a good one.

Hannah Joy said...

Happy B-day!!! And that coat sounds...EPIC....Now you can look like Tintin! :-)

And you should totally do NaNoWriMo. If you're doing the kids one (I am) be my writing buddy, if you'd like. I'm under SirRaynal!

Clair~ said...

Happy late day-of-birth! I wish I had a trenchcoat.

Also, I am doing NaNo in Africa! It's my first time ever, since I only heard about it this March. But yes, it is going to be crazy awesome and I hope you end up doing NaNo in Africa, too!

Samantha Green-Dail said...

WOWIE! That is BEAST! ... Don't laugh... this island is still.... old... ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! GOD BLESS and praying fur yall!

Leauphaun said...

I know this is kind of late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! God bless you in your new adventure (Africa and otherwise).
Cheesecake?? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....
Now I want some!!!

- Leauphaun

Charlotte said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! That trenchcoat sounds, well, um, *looks in the dictionary for a suitable word* ain't no words in the dictionary to describe it so I'll make one up, it sounds fantastepicsome.

Mosquitoes, they know exactly where to go, it's always ankles and wrists with me. ;)

Good luck with your plot problems, and rewrite. May the Lord forever guide you pen and keep it, well, sharp (if that makes sense).

Farewell for now, Sir Jake of the Sadaar.

From a fellow follower,

Hannah Joy said...

Charlotte! Fantastepicsome is....a fantastepicsome word! I love it!

Charlotte said...

Thanks Hannah Joy, yes, I was quite proud of it, fantastepicsome.

Vrenith said...

*nods solemnly* The trench-coat looks like a mixture between the Eleventh Doctor's second coat and Captain Jack's (Doctor Who).

*wrinkles brow* Is it a bad sign that you didn't mention my gift to you?! ;) I do hope, though, that you liked it...

And... Millard was epic! We made the pies without dairy or eggs because he's allergic, and they were still epic... pie is pie, whether its a different recipe or not... and the CHEESECAKE!!!

Jake and he also made an epic movie, demonstrating the Game Face, Editor's Face, and the Writer's Face. ;) They did their best to make everyone wish they were there. XD


Pathfinder said...

Jake, you rascal! Happy belated birthday, and congrats on the trenchcoat. Just don't go around wearing a fedora with it, or I might mistake you for a Drefid in disguise.

By the way, you have earned my first comment as a Blogger member.

and watch out for the pandas. they might look cute and cuddly, but they're dangerous. >_>

Eldra said...

Pathfinder - Are you talking about the Panda Cheese commericals? Because I SO agree with you!! Pandas will never look cute and innocent again... Kinda like rabbits.

Hannah Joy said...

HEY! I like rabbits! ;-)

Eldra said...

Hannah Joy - Obviously you weren't around here last year during late summer. The rabbits attempted to kamikaze bomb Kansas City. It wasn't a pretty sight.

Jake - You know, we forgot about their Thousand Year Meeting this year, although with how busy you guys must be, I understand. (I didn't even think about it until about a week ago myself.) Maybe we'll do a thousand-and-five-hundred-year meeting instead. :P

Jake said...

Thank you, all! Great to hear from you. Even if I don't reply, I always read the blog comments.

Yeah, I wonder what happened? If they had their meeting already...I wonder what's going to happen. O.O