Sunday, January 29, 2012

Want to Pre-Read The War Horn? Read This Post!

There comes a time where a writer gets so familiar with his work that he can no longer detect what mistakes may remain.  You can always keep revising, but the work in question will never be perfect.  Novels that are actually published aren't perfect, they're mostly perfect.

With The War Horn, I've done all the editing that I can do.  The final revision is finished.

So what do you do?

You get pre-readers to read the work in question.

And, my blog readers, those pre-readers are you, and this work in question is The War Horn.

Yes, readers, your wildest dreams have come true. (At least, I hope that this is your wildest dream. O_o) This post is the "READ THE WAR HORN FOR FREE!" post.

This'll be very simple.  There will be five lucky people who get to pre-read The War Horn.  However, before I go on to explain how these five lucky people shall be chosen, I need you to read something.  In order to pre-read The War Horn, you need to be able and willing to do three things:

First, you need to be able to read the War Horn within two weeks, if not sooner.  The War Horn is just over 110 pages print length, a quick and easy read, so this shouldn't prove to be any trouble for you.

Second, if you have any feedback whatsoever, please send it to me.  If you see a typo or an inconsistency or a passage that just strikes you as awkward, let me know.  This is the last polish before The War Horn is put for sale, so it's important. (This doesn't mean that you should do an in-depth critique.)

Third, if you liked the book, please write a paragraph of one hundred words or less telling why you liked the book, and send it to me in an email. This will be the equivalent of an "endorsement" and will go in the front of the book, along with your name or alias.  (If you're willing, you can also put your age in the endorsement, and your blog address, if you have one, but those are both optional.)

By participating in this pre-reading contest, you agree that you are able and willing to do the above.

Now, what do the readers get out of it?  You will, of course, get to read my novel before everyone else, and get your name in the front of the book with your endorsement.  Like I said before, the endorsement bit is only if you liked the book.  In addition, I'll mention all of the pre-readers - whether or not you actually liked the book - in the acknowledgments.

Here's how you can get your name in the hat:

Comment below (or email me) and tell me you want to pre-read The War Horn.  Include your email in the comment, or, if you're not comfortable with that, send it to me in an email.  That's it.  If you want to earn an extra "entry" in the hat, you can blog about it.  Send me the URL either through a comment or an email to validate your entry.

If you have a preference for format, let me know in the comment section while you're entering.  I can send it to the winners in either .doc, .pdf, or .prc format. (PRC is Kindle's format.  If you have a Kindle, all you have to do is hook it up to the computer and copy-and-paste the file.  You can then read it on your Kindle.) If you don't specify a format, I'll send it in .doc.

The contest starts right now and will close next Friday, on the 3rd of February.  Once the contest closes, I'm going to literally draw five names out of a hat. If you win, I'll email you a copy of The War Horn in your format of choice, as well as write a short blog post announcing the winners.

Let it begin!  Allons-y!


Jane said...
I am DYING to read it! and I can definitely read it in less than a week.
And there is my post :) Good luck with writing!

Hannah Joy said...

Ok, I'm gonna send you an email with my entry. :-D I hope I win!!!!

Eldra said...

I, too, dearly want to pre-read/edit (hehe) The War Horn. You already have my email, and .doc format is fine. I'll likely blog about this soon. :)

Starsinger said...

I shall send an email. I would blog about it, but I don't have a blog T_T

Ciara said...

Oooh. I will send an email.

Eagles Wings said...

I already said I would read it for you, so the offer still stands ^_^

Anonymous said...

Oh, YEAH!! Count me in!!! I'll email you... And perhaps I'll blog about it... : )


Christopher said...

I SO want to win! Nobody else enter! :D

That's my blog post as well. If I were to win, .pdf would be preferred, but .doc would be fine. .prc would NOT work simply because, well, I don't have a Kindle. But between .doc and .pdf, whichever is easiest is fine with me.


whisper said...

Count this spy in! ^_^ How exciting this is. :D

I'll email you, though I think you have my address already... >_>

By the by, I read the summary of your next OYAN novel, the one concerning Elijah Finarod. And it sounds... *shivers* It sounds absolutely awesome and epic. Best of luck to you and your sister!


Anonymous said...

Sure, put me in. :-)

.doc is probably best, and here's the post I wrote about it.

Ayden Black said...

Cool man, I'm game. Here's my email:

Heres my post about it:!/2012/01/contest.html

Thanks man.

Pathfinder said...
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Eldra said...

I know you follow my blog, but here's the link to my post about this contest:

The Director said...


And a PDF sounds great. I'll see if I have time to blog it. If I do, I'll comment back again.

Christopher said...

Somebody in Australia just commented in the site report section of my toolbar on my browser (a section that shows comments and safety rating for the site), they said this.

"Common sense on this site, something sadly lacking in the mainstream media in Australia!"

Isaac Permann said...

Awesome!! I would love to pre-read this!

.doc sounds great

Ohhh...i hope i win.
*sends up a prayer*

Lark said...

Oh phew i caught it before you drew!
enter me!
after i blog about it, i'll post the link. today. :) i hope i win! would love to preread!

Lark said...

here it is! just done. i wasn't sure what to say, so be forewarned: much rambling. and a visual aid.