Saturday, February 4, 2012

Who Gets to Pre-Read?

The time came to draw names. And then I discovered that I had no hat. (Sadly, my fedora was left behind in the States.)

So I improvised and used my sister's trenchcoat pocket. What's cooler than a trenchcoat, anyway?

However, I'll belay the talk and cut to the chase:

The winners are....


Congratulations, winners! I'll send you The War Horn in your respective formats ASAP. Since internet is limited, however, there might be a delay. Be patient and good things will come, as the saying goes.

Remember: you need to read this within two weeks and, if you liked it, write an "endorsement" that's less than a hundred words long.

Many thanks to all who participated! If you didn't win, no worries: I'm hoping to have The War Horn available before February reaches its end. Once the cover art is finished and the pre-readers have read the book, then it's just a matter of days before The War Horn comes to a website near you.


Anonymous said...

YES!!! I will eagerly await your e-mail...*ecstatic scream*


Christopher said...

Congrats winners!

I'll be watching the Kindle Store fervently until I see it. Be sure to post when it comes out!

Farrah D said...

You should have heard my reaction! Hahaha! I literally screamed! (with joy of course!) LOL. I am sooooooo thrilled! Thanks for the opportunity.

Brianna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lark said...

YES!! *jumping excitedly*
Can't wait to red it!
Congratulations, other winners. :D

Brianna said...

Sorry about the deleted comment! (It wasn't anything bad, promise.) For some reason it published it before I was done. I meant to say, congrats to the lucky winners. SO NOT FAIR! (Almost. I'm not arguing with the judgment of the trenchcoat pocket.)
Wish it was me. I'll have to just buy the ebook!!
thanks again for the opportunity...

Hannah Joy said...

Congrats winners! I hope I have enough money when the ebook comes out. O.o ;-)

Starsinger said...

Congrats winners! I think I have enough money lying round my room to get it as soon as it is available to buy, I can't wait to read it!