Saturday, July 7, 2012

Two Awards, One Blogger, and Eleven Unfortunates

Wait, did I say "unfortunates"? I meant "lucky bloggers". *chortle*

Recently I was tagged in the "Liebster Blog Award" (by Sandy at Cake + OYAN = Sandy) and thus I must pass it on. This occurrence, however, also brought to mind the fact that Timothy at Middling had also tagged me some time ago with the honorable "Thanks for Writing" award. The result is one of literary chemistry, in which I attempt to bend the rules of both by combining them into one tag/award thing.

(If you want the picture for either award, you'll have to go to the aforementioned blogs; picture uploading time is terrible here.)

Since the basic premise for the "Thanks for Writing" award is very similar to the first part of the "Liebster Blog Award", I decided to simply do the Liebster award and hope for the best. Here goes!

The rules:


- If you are tagged/nominated, you must post eleven facts about yourself.

- Then, you must answer the eleven questions the tagger has given you and make eleven questions for the people you are going to tag.

- Next, tag eleven more bloggers.

- Tell the people you tagged that you have tagged them.

- No tagging back.

- The person you tagged must have less than 200 followers.


All right, showtime!


1) I listen to a wide variety of music, including rock, classical (mainly soundtracks), worship, etc. As I write this, I'm listening to "Phenomenon" by Thousand Foot Krutch.

2) I play the guitar. Somewhat. Being in Africa has not only rusted the clasps on my guitar case (it's the salt air), but has also rusted my abilities. Sometime (when I actually have time) I need to grab some sheet music from the internet to learn and practice.

3) I draw maps. Which is about the only thing I can draw. As of right now, I have 27 hand-drawn maps, five of which have been drawn specifically for Tornado C. (My favorite is a detailed battle plan that takes place over a hundred-year period across the entire scope of civilization.)

4) (This might take a while...) Someday, I want to buy an expensive hardcover copy of The Lord of the Rings in one volume.

5) I just got a new mattress. ^_^ For the past seven months, I've been sleeping on a two-inch-thick foam mattress.

6) Settlers of Catan is my favorite board game.

7) I own a mechanical pencil exactly like the Pen of Doom. The only reason that I don't use it is because I ran out of lead ages ago and was never able to figure out what kind of lead it takes. (Now it's in America and I couldn't use it if I wanted to.)

8) I've always tried to journal but I've never gotten more than a couple days in before the project fizzled out. (The sole exception to this was during a homeschooled year early in my life in which I wrote two sentences a day in what was supposed to be a much more detailed journal. I still have it. I stopped journaling after four or five months, though.)

9) I have a moderately large nose. (Hah!) As Cyrano de Bergerac says, "A great nose indicates a great man."

10) I've eaten rice almost every day for the past seven months and I'm still not tired of it. Cassava and rice forever!

11) I once cut myself with a table knife. (Y'know, the blunt kind that can barely cut butter.)


Now, onto:


1. What was the last book you read?

The last book I finished was Beyond the Summerland by L. B. Graham. Too bad I don't have the rest of the series. :P I only reread it because I was desperate. Luckily, I've read the rest of the series already. (The eBook copies for the rest of the series are TWELVE DOLLARS each, though. Highway robbery!)

2. How many orange clothings do you have and what are they?

I own no articles of clothing that are orange.

3. What's a hairstyle and color you'd like to have?

The one I have in the way I have it. Why do you think I have it that way now? ;) However, I would like some David Tennant-type sideburns in the future.

4. Do you like waffles?

Yes. But I don't get any here. XP

5. Do you believe in unicorns? Sadly. I'm not as imaginative as I'd like to think.

6. Do you like America and why?

YES. I love America, because it's my home country, and that's so much more relevant if you've ever lived in another country. I must never take it for granted again. You don't know what you have until it's gone; and for that reason I love America.

*spontaneous chorus of the Star-Spangled Banner*

Also, the people are awesome, the government...not so much.

7. Teeth?

I have them.

8. What's your journal look like and if you don't have one, what was the last notebook you used like?

How relevant. (See number eight on my facts list.)

I have a binder for my maps and genealogies. It's black, uninteresting, and has a washed-out and faded label that says "e Buller" on it (the Jake had water spilled on it). There's a rip on the spine, making it so half the cover is about to fall off, which means I need to find a new binder sometime.

9. Are you a creeper?

Sometimes. >:D

10. Geometry or algebra?

Geometry, by far. I almost loved the first half of it, surprisingly enough. (ALMOST.) Logic chains are so fascinating. But once it got to the complicated math part, I lost interest.

11. Myers-Briggs personality type?

It's been a year since I took it, but I think I was an INTP. I was an IN-something, anyway.

-- tag some people! To combine the two tags I've received, in addition to being tagged, you are duly thanked for blogging. :) The blogs I tag are awesome; if you do not already follow them, do so! The proprietors are worthy lads and lasses.

In no particular order:

1. Eldra at A Day in Daremo
2. Pathfinder at Pathfinder's Findings
3. Nathan R. Petrie at Whispered Roars
4. Squeaks at Hidden Doorways
5. The Director at Castles, Quills, and Cameras
6. Christopher at There and Blog Again
7. Vrenith at Drawings Anonymous
8. Galadriel at The Wordsmith's Shelf
9. Star Dreamer at The Pen and the Parchment
10. Manny at Manny's Memento
11. Noah at Heavenward Reviews

And my questions? Read further to see:

1. What's your favorite place in the world?
2. What do you think about Kansas? (>:D)
3. Favorite song?
4. Favorite quote?
5. G. K. Chesterton is, to you, what? Your opinion?
6. Best speculative fiction you've read recently? In absence of speculative fiction, what's the best book you've read recently, non-fiction or fiction?
7. Best kind of cookie?
8. Your opinion of pie?
9. What color is your favorite shirt?
10. Are you procrastinating?
11. If you're a writer, what are you currently writing? If you're not a writer, what big thing have you done recently?

If you feel that you don't have much time to do this lengthy award, feel free to do just some of the tag, such as a couple things about yourself and one or two of the questions.



Noah Arsenault said...

Thank you, Jake!

Kismint said...

A butter knife? Pshaw. I've cut myself with those cheepy plastic ones that people buy in giant boxes for BBQs.

Eruantien Nenharma said...

This is surprising, especially since I just nominated you for an award yesterday as well. XD I just never got around to notifyin' here for more details:

Ninja Tim said...

"The result is one of literary chemistry, in which I attempt to bend the rules of both by combining them into one tag/award thing." XD

You are quite the literary chemist Jake! I'm glad that the "Thanks for Writing" award struck you as honorable (as I'm still trying to figure out exactly what it is myself).

Man, I haven't read any Cyrano de Bergerac since 9th grade. Too long!