Sunday, July 15, 2012

Writing Month, Anyone?

Today I had a problem. A big problem.

For some time, I've needed to start work on Tornado C, my OYAN novel for 2012. Unfortunately, a few plot problems and my general perfectionism have been hindering my outline progress (as you've read in previous posts).

It's been a general idea of mine to enter this novel into the 2012 OYAN Novel Contest once it's finished. Today, I checked the enter-by date on the contest.

August 15.


I have 31 days (exactly a month) to write Tornado C, revise it, and enter it into the contest. (I decided today that I was, in fact, entering....provided the novel's done.) I know for a fact that, under pressure, I can write fast enough - but finding time to revise it, too, will be a big problem. (Especially since my grandparents are visiting here in Liberia until August 1, so I will be spending precious little time on the computer.)

Sure, I've done 45k in nineteen days (my greatest literary accomplishment to-date) but churning out contest-quality work will be a problem. Still, since I have a detailed outline, I'm hoping that the plot problems that often come with hastily written novels will be somewhat diminished.

In the next two days, I'll have started Tornado C. My projected word count is somewhere beyond 40,000 words, so this will be a - ahem - a big project to undertake in just 31 days.

Still, if God is for me, what can stand against? A deadline? Psh.

So here's the deal: I'm planning on finishing this novel before August 15. Unlike NaNoWriMo, however, the only reward I'll have by the end is a finished novel - and my only motivation is the satisfaction of a good word count.

That means I need some good friends to help me along. I challenge you— *cue gauntlet-slapping* —to a WriMo of epic proportions: finish a novel before August 15. The novel can be already-started and unfinished, or it can be a completely new work-in-progress. Your choice. But the race is to the finish line, regardless of where you are on the racetrack.

If you happen to finish before me, you'll get a reward.

Well, in all technicality, it won't be much more than a hearty congratulations in a blog post and the reward of a finished novel. But hey, if Tornado C ever gets published, I'll mention all the contestants in the Acknowledgments, too!

So what say you? Take up the challenge?

Whether you're with me in pen or spirit - it's time to write!


EDIT: I've STARTED TORNADO C. Repeat: I've finally started it! The word count is 1085 and it's time for bed. 'Night!


Writer4Christ said...

I'll take the challenge. ;)

Abbey said...

I will totally take your challenge!! I've been working on my NaNo novel from last year still... Gotta get it finished.
You can do it Jake! And so can the rest of us! God willing. =)

Ninja Tim said...

Good Lord man, you are insane.

I'm no novelist (at least I've never given myself the opportunity to find out if I am), but my prayers will certainly be with you all. And let me openly say that I admire your incredible, die-hard tenacity.

But I still think you're crazy. =)

Pathfinder said...

I concur. You're mad.

Ely G. said...

I'm in! I've a good start too. :D The countdown has begun!

Ely Gyrate

Eruantien Nenharma said...

I needed this. Thanks, Jake, I accept the challenge!


Of course, I'll probably fail epically, but oh well!

Anne-girl said...
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Mikaela said...

I take the challenge! I've been meaning to start a novel for a long time. It'll be a short one, but knowing me, it's gonna take a while (considring I've got summer school for another week and a half...I think...)

Hannah Joy said...

Well.....I guess I could give it a go....I'm pretty sure I won't get it though. My novel is going at an all time slow. BUT! If this motivates me to actually write everyday....well, that is good methinks! ;-) Write on!

Kismint said...

This is inviting. Very inviting.

However, the sad truth of it is, is that I have absolutly no writing stamina. At times a thousand words is a very hard day's work.

Still, maybe my pen will finish something yet to be done...

Christopher said...

I'll join. I'm starting a bit late, and only going for 25k. Still, I'll be pretty busy, so this is a good motivation.

Anonymous said...

You are crazy. But a good crazy!! (And hey, aren't all writers crazy?! Try explaining NaNo to someone [who is NOT a writer] and not sound like a weirdo.... Hard much?!)

My June NaNo novel is a little over 50k words and I'm a little over halfway through. This would be a great motivation... but school....

Posh on school. It'll get done.

I take your challenge.


Leilani Sunblade said...

I saw this late, but I'm taking your challenge! I have two novels going on, one for an unofficial NaNo challenge (50,000 words in a month, unofficial only because I'm doing it in the wrong month), and one that's currently on hold. But the NaNo is definitely going over 50,000. So August 15th is now my official "finish this novel by this date" goal. (Does it still count if I'm doing it for another challenge as well?)