Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Jumbled-Up Box of Randomized Words that Smells Strange--Probably Texas

If you don't understand the title of this post, no fear; you'll understand by the time this is done. :D

First of all (of many, that is), I am BACK! Yes. :D Can you tell? I've been back for a while, but the intoxicating combination of heated writing, amazing books (Jeffrey Overstreet!), and internet problems lured me away from the blog.

My first mission trip, for those of you who were wondering, went wonderfully. I may post a debriefing post on my other blog soon, so keep a lookout.

Second, my editing on Novel #1 has gone officially fantastic! I've rewritten in nearly 3500 words today alone. And I have finally found a title (a working one, at least), after many days (or years) of searching; Quest for the Kingdom.

Give me your opinion on it! :D

Third, J. R. Parker's book, Kestrel's Midnight Song, was just endorsed by Wayne Thomas Batson! That makes me jump. Strange. Anyway, he compared it to Paolini's writing, so if that doesn't interest you, than nothing will. Click here to check out his post on it.

Fourth (yes, I know--this is getting long), it is far too hot here in the Midwest.

Fifth, these select lyrics, from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, always tickle my funny bone. :D

When I think of his last great battle
A lump comes to my throat
It takes a man who knows no fear
To wrestle...with a goat

At the time, they [the brothers] were speaking of Joseph and his blood-stained coat. It makes me laugh so much. :D

Sixth, would you, readers, mind if I posted a review on a nonfiction book? Obviously, it's good enough for me to post a review on it, and yes, it's a Christian book. But I'm not going to reveal the title just yet. :)

Lastly, my followers jumped while I was gone. Only one more follower until I reach the big 25. And then... *evil laugh*

Something Tolkienish shall happen... Moohahaha. :D

[PS; For those of you who didn't get the 'Probably Texas' bit, I went to Arlington, Texas on my mission trip.]


Beorn said...


Have you gotten to Raven's Ladder yet? Still haven't finished it, but it's good.

I forbid you to post any nonfiction books. They are all evil.

I feel weird not saying just kidding, soo.... JK.

Eldra said...

First of all: Welcome Back!

Second, depends on what type of nonfiction book you're talking about. But since you don't seem to be interested in telling us. . .

And I agree on the too hot thing. Except it isn't too hot where I live. But I'm not a fan of the heat at all (I don't like anything more than maybe 25 degrees Celsius), so I totally know what you mean.

~God Bless~

Jake said...


Just finished it, in fact. It was excellent. :D I love the cover art for it.


It's [or THEY] (are) good enough to post a review on, so I think I might as well. :D

And now TX weather seems to have followed me here. There are currently NO clouds, deadish grass, and, oh, did I mention the sun is killing me? :D

Eldra said...

Are there any lakes near you? Better yet, are you a fan of swimming? Because if you aren't, then the heat really, really isn't any fun at all. I only like swimming in a pool (check out my blog for that whole deal), but I live near a lake. How ironic is that?

Jake said...

Ah, no, Eldra, I don't really like swimming. I don't really DISLIKE it either. However, using the hose (preferably on oneself or on other people) is awesome. And colder. :D

Gwendolyn said...

Texas! *grins widely* I lived there for a year, you know. And I remember it very fondly, in spite of fire ants, burnt feet, scrubby bushes, and dog bites. :P

Jake said...

Haha. I'd rather live in good 'ol KS. Golden wheat fields, nice people, home of KU--that sort of stuff. :D