Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Assorted News

Sorry for the fitful blogging, everyone. This will be a short post, mostly just because I have half a dozen short things to say.

Sorry, readers, but I've decided to postpone the Top Ten list until further notice. I have been VERY busy (how are you not surprised?) writing, editing, etc. In fact, I entered a short story I recently wrote (no, not the Dark King) at a C. S. Lewis contest at the Pen and the Parchment. You can go over there and vote for your favorite story soon.

On a completely different note, I have good news; I have only 404 Wases to eliminate from my first novel. Ah, make that 402. Wish me luck on my Was manhunt! :)

Besides this, Wayne Thomas Batson's (author of the Door Withing Trilogy) and Christopher Hopper's (author of Rise of the Dibor) Tribe-Building Contest has begun! Click here to get more details.

I'm making a little bubble at the top of the page (in fact, you should be able to see it already) with the current word count of my third novel (the one I'm currently working on). I'm hoping to finish it this summer and start outlining another book soon.

And my first random post is over. And I like dark chocolate. :D


Autumn said...

Haha, that was random. :)


Eldra said...

That's seriously random! And I love dark chocolate too!!! In fact, I can hardly eat any other kind. Have you ever tried chili pepper chocolate?

~God Bless~