Monday, August 2, 2010

Lord of the Rings Giveaway Trivia; Part Three

*****Looking for the Giveaway, or would like to find out more about it? Click here. Keep in mind, though, that the dates stated in that post no longer apply. :)

All right, it's time for part three of the LOTR Trivia! Here's the question;

"How many Orcs (and other enemies) did Gimli slay in comparison to Legolas during the Battle of Helm's Deep?" (i.e. How many did Gimli slay and how many did Legolas slay?)

Beware--unless my memory betrays me, the answer from the LOTR movies is different than the answer from the books.

Guess to your heart's delight, my friends! :D

We'll see if the next question is answered in a timely manner. I plan for it to be the hardest. :D


Eldra said...

Gimli had 42 while Legolas has 41.

Seth said...

Are we looking for the movie answer or the book? Ye didn't make that clear lol.

Jake said...

Correct, Eldra! Good job. Did you look it up or not?

I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that all answers were from the book. :) So that answers your question. :D

Eldra said...

Yeah, I had to look it up. :) I haven't had time to read the books in the past seven or eight months, so I'm a little rusty.

Jake said...

All right, I've got ya down. :)