Monday, August 30, 2010

A Quick Word

Hello, all! I'd just like to say that I'm going to be cutting the regularity of my posts to once every two days or less, due to schoolwork and a need to focus more on my novel. As you can see, it hasn't budged from that count in quite a while. :)

Also, I'd like to open up a question for you readers--what subject of writing would you like me to speak on? I'm having a hard time coming up with topics. Outlining? Suspense? The Plot? Fantasy worlds in general, or a specific part?

Feel free to suggest anything you wish, and I may pick a subject or two out of the center. :)


Beorn said...

I say character--the most important part of any story.

Squeaks said...

@Beorn, yes character is important but I think the plot is even more important.

Do you (Jake) think you could do a post or two on the plot? I know I have trouble creating and keeping with my plots and I'd love to know, from your experience in getting past 30K words, how you did it. The max word count I reached in a novel was about 15K.

Also, I downloaded Y-Writer and am LOVING's helping with my writing a ton, especially because now I feel free'er to work in scenes rather than chapters.

Jake said...

Character versus plot? My. Perhaps I'll do a post on both, and then discuss the order of importance in a third post. :D

In a way, both are crucial. Character can't do anything without plot, and nothing but plot doesn't get anywhere either. But my theory is that good plots can MAKE good characters. A character is made on his or her decisions, usually relating to the plot. But it's not entirely true, perhaps. I'll examine it in a longer length in a future post. Thanks, Squeaks and Beorn! :D

Eldra said...

Jake - How about one of everything?

Squeaks - I love yWriter as well. It's helping me feel more inspired.

Beorn said...


I'd have to agree with Jake on this one. Character and plot are both equally important in a good story--I wasn't thinking when I wrote my first comment (although, I do think that in order to have a good plot, it is very important to have a good character FIRST. Otherwise you'll have a halfhearted character who does whatever the plot demands of him/her, even if it is out of character for that person).