Thursday, March 31, 2011


It hangs over my head like a dark cloud that is actually full of anticipation and delight.  It hovers above my mind like a sheet floating gracefully on air.  It weighs upon me like the contemplation of life (in a lighter way).

It is the release date.

From Darkness Won comes out tomorrow.  Buckle your belts, snap your suspenders, folks, and dig in the couch for that extra change.  I know I will.

This just in: the description of From Darkness Won is up on the MLP website.  Check it out!


Achan steps into his role as Crown Prince and prepares for war. But war against whom? Could Esek still be alive? Has Lord Nathak taken Esek’s place? Or is the mysterious Hadad the true enemy Achan must confront?

Vrell has her own agenda of serving Prince Oren as a healer, but when she is stormed and lost to the Veil, Achan does all he can to bring her back. His conversations with her are strange, though, as if she has no memory of who he is.

In a land consumed by Darkness, the fate of Er’Rets hangs in the balance as Achan endeavors to take the throne and end the reign of Darkness.


Let's hope we last the night. We have but four hours left.


Eldra said...

Four hours, depending where in the world you live. (I have six.) Plus, I'm more excited for the Firebird trilogy right now.

Jake said...

Both come out TONIGHT! Surely you have felt the burn of a fiery anticipation to read a book? Such has come upon me tonight! AND I STILL NEED THREE DOLLARS! XP

*runs to ransack the house for money*

Eldra said...

Okay, I'll admit, I AM looking forward to From Darkness Won, but I still have to read book two, so my anticipation isn't nearly as high for 'Won. But I am excite, for sure.

Miss Pickwickian said...


Elizabeth Dresdow said...

Oooh sounds soo cool!! What's the series??

Jake said...

Blood of Kings trilogy, by Jill Williamson. I'd check them out. They are AMAZING. :)