Saturday, March 19, 2011

Upcoming Book & a Giveaway

Hey'a readers, writers, spatulas!  .....spatulas?  *grimace of fear*  Just wait, Frank.  Let me finish the post first.  I can't write posts while weeping and gnashing my teeth.

Anyway, some exciting news coming up.  Firstly, the long anticipated end to the Blood of Kings trilogy (Jill Williamson)--From Darkness Won--is coming out APRIL FIRST.  April Fool's Day, unfortunately, but I'm hoping this isn't a joke. o_O

Check out the epic cover art. :|


I am scrambling for money right now.  I can't wait for, it looks so EPIC.... *stares*  If you haven't read the first books in this series yet, GO AND ORDER THEM RIGHT NOW.  I'm serious.  They are THAT good.  Some of the best writing I've ever read in my reading career: no joke.

Other news, there's a giveaway going on!  It isn't mine, but it is epic nonetheless.  The Director is giving away a whole slew of stuff in celebration of spring break, I believe.  Including the Roman Britain Trilogy (from which was made the movie "The Eagle", I believe).  Which I really really really want to read. :|  So beware--you'll have to fight for it.

Castles, Quills, and Cameras

That's about all. :)  I'll try to pull together something meaningful sometime soon.  Until then, adieu!


Anonymous said...

I waited too long, I fear. I didn't read the second yet, and I'm starting to forget what happened in the first, so I might have to reread it... possibly. But I really like this series (so far).

Also, The Eagle (movie version) was really good. I wouldn't say it's as good as the Lord of the Rings movies, but it's better than Narnia ones. So in-between =)

Jake said...

You mean, the Blood of Kings trilogy?

The Eagle...ahh, it sounds better and better. I really want to see it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 1st paragraph is referring to Blood of Kings =)

We saw it a couple weeks ago—it's definitely worth seeing. Now I want to read the book, heh.

The Director said...

Nolan you really liked it?? That's GREAT! I, frankly, am in love with the movie :P Not to spoil things for the innocent, but what was your fav part??

Hey Jake- thanks for the post man :D

Anonymous said...

Favorite part? That's a question I can never answer about a good movie. [Faint spoiler] But I especially like the part where Esca tells Marcus what the Romans did to his family--just because it kind of makes them equal.

The Director said...

I know, that scene was brilliant. :D
The whole thing was amazing..... it makes me really happy that you like it because so many people have just totally torn it apart.... oh, haha, I got to see it twice in theaters and let me tell you, it only gets better the second time around *big cheesy grin*

[faint spoiler] The gladiator scene was one of the scenes I treasure the most. (Get your thumbs up!!) That was sooo epic.

Please forgive my obsession..... *bows and walks away*

Jake said...

Blood of Kings is epic. :) The second book has some intense romance *grimace* but it IS a Marcher Lord Press book. Nonetheless a fantastic fantasy.

@The Director
Indeed. You are forgiven. ;) I do the same thing with LOTR. Except, it's not new. :)

The Director said...

I've never heard of this Blood of Kings epicness... should I read it?

Aw, thanks Jake. I am grateful for you forgiving spirit :)
Haha, I do it with LOTR too. :P

Jake said...


Have you ever heard of Marcher Lord Press? It's a publisher of Christian Spec. Fiction--normally 'weird' novels like sci-fi, fantasy, and thriller with a Christian theme. Epic publisher. Jeff Gerke founded it. :)

Anyway, they published The Blood of Kings trilogy [By Darkness Hid, To Darkness Fled, From Darkness Won]--it's really, really good. It's normally classified 'adult', but it follows young-ish characters (late teens, perhaps early twenties). Fantasy. :) Really, really good. But the second book does have some romance. :P Which I didn't like...but overall it is AMAZING.

The Director said...

Oh yeah, I've heard of Marcher Lord Press :] I'll have to check those out, then.... *rubs hands gleefully*

Oh and yep, I'm not a fan of the romance either, but I'll just have to deal with it, right?:P

Jake said...

Aye, check them out. :) They're really epic.

Eh, romance. :P Some of the second book revolves around a romantic entanglement. o_O It's maddening. But well done, I suppose.

So aye, check them out. Jill Williamson's writing and characters alone are AMAZING. Some of the best. :)

Elisa Kate said...

>.< I have never read any of those books... I guess I should sometime huh? :P

Vrenith said...

*scratches head* Seriously. You DO need to read them, TD! They're awesome... Heh, I can never figure out my favorite book, but I think I've finally found it... O_o
She's probably one of my favorite authors, too.

Ah, I think I'm too late to enter your giveaway, TD... Sorry. *sigh*


Jake said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Aye, the books we've been speaking of are amazing--highly recommended.

The Director said...

Vrenith, what do you mean you're too late? Entry time doesn't end until Saturday! :]

whisper said...

Thanks for notifying me of the giveaway, Jake! I happily entered. :)

I have two random question for you, Sir Jake (and if anyone else has answers, please throw them in).

1. I wonder if you, as a more experienced blogger than I, could answer a blogging copyright question. If I posted a snippet of story or a poem or something that I'd written on my blog, could anyone just take it and steal/publish it (not that anyone'd want to. :P )? Is there any legal tag I could add or something I could say that would preserve the writing from theft?

2. You being such a G. K. Chesterton fan, I thought you might have read/heard of The Man Who Was Thursday. Have you read it? And if so, did you like it?


Jake said...


1) Hmmm....methinks not. There is something called a Creative Commons Copyright thing that basically states that you can't steal things like that. I do post things like that and ask in the post that no one would take them or use them without permission, so I assume that covers it. However, if you want to be REALLY sure, check out the following link:

These are 'licenses' of some sort. Rather confusing, but they have something that you can put in your post.

2) No, I have not yet read that. I started with 'Orthodoxy' and haven't really read much beyond that (though I am a fan already), but I hope to make my way through all of his titles that may be free on Kindle. I shall look into that one. :)

whisper said...

1) Okay; thank you for the information. I will poke around a bit on the link you gave me and see what I can learn.

2) Ah, I see. I've talked to a few people who've read Thursday and they said it was quite good but extremely odd. I'm eager to try it out; it sounds Alice-in-Wonderland-ish and this spy is very much a fan of that genre. :)

*chortles guiltily* *ponders* *glances about* *makes a decision* I finally did that massive story tag. :) I have posted it on my blog, and I am pleased with it, and I hope you will forgive the following act of shameless self-promotion:

If you have the time to read it. ;)


Jake said...

I have read it! I never follow a blog unless I plan to always read their posts. :) Great job with the tag!

I shall check it out as well! Alice-In-Wonderland-ish is always good. :)

whisper said...

oh; thankyouthankyou for the read. :) *is grateful

So it is, so it is!

*hasn't much left to say*

Sarah said...

I'm not writing this to enter the giveaway. I'm writing this to make a request: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, I beg you on bended knees to post more cows and counts story. More of any story. PLEASE, I plead, I . . . um . . . have run our of synonyms too quickly. Please! Oh, and don't worry about Frank. He can be defeated. By one being . . . got any giant mice around your place?
-Sarah, the pleading and driven-half-crazy-with -suspense-from-every-author/writer-she-reads-stuff-by

Jake said...

Hail, Sarah!

Come again? I feel rather befuddled. What exactly are you pleading about?

Frank is undefeatable. *shudder*

Sarah said...

I'm begging you to post more of a story, any story, on your UG writing thread. Please! My knees are starting to hurt from kneeling . . .

Hmm. I must've met a different Frank.