Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Edits and Updates

(Not my image.  Cool, though, eh?)

I might not be the greatest blogger on earth, but at least I've been writing, right?  Here's what I've gotten done so far:
  • I'm on chapter four out of twelve in my OYAN novel; the word count is 6,629 words.  Roughly 26, 27 pages.  It's not too bad, yet, but I have a lot of brainstorming and researching to do in the next few chapters.
  • I rewrote several sections and did one quick edit over the entirety of The Book of Shaldu.  It is now 52,900 words, with an epic new ending chapter.  Like I have said before, I thought the ending too dark and ended up writing just one more chapter in The Book of Shaldu.  I sent it off to some friends to critique as soon as I finished.  (That made me really nervous.  This is the first time in history that Jake of the Sadaar's novels have been read by any mortal.  What?  What's that you say?  Of course I'm immortal.)
  • This blog post.  Yeah, I count them.  Judge me not!
Also, I'd like to post several other things: 

First, Michelle Archer at Arrowhead Reviews is having a giveaway of a book called Beyond the Dead Forest.  Don't join. ;) I want a free book! (Who doesn't?)

Second, I recently discovered (more like rediscovered) a Christian blogger who composes music.  His name's Jon Maiocco. I have listened to most everything he has up there, and I can assure you, that guy has some serious talent.  If you have a bit of time and some headphones, I'd encourage you to check out his Celtic song and his Isle of Swords song.  Those are my favorites. :)  Or you could just head to the main page of his blog to browse through them all.


Vrenith said...

Immortal, eh? How'd you get mortality when no one else in your family or in your ancestral history had it? XD

He hasn't even let ME read it, and I'm his sister... I only get to read it once he gets his free copy of it. :P Silly Jake.


Eldra said...

*snickers* Sounds like me. I've only let Leauphaun and Goose read one or two of my stories ever (well, Leauphaun gets to read more than Goose, as I don't think he'd care about some stuff), but they've only seen a tiny fraction of everything I've written. It's frustrating for them, I'm sure. Meanwhile, I sit and laugh and at them.

Mikaela said...

OK, so that's interesting that you're immortal and all... but anyway, that's good that you're speeding along. You're brave! *sigh* I shake when I let other people read my books. Is it something about people not approving of your hard work? I dunno...

Eldra said...

Technically, if you think about it, we're all immortal. Our spirit will live forever. It's just where that spirit is going to live that's the important part. :)