Thursday, June 2, 2011

Got Goals?

Well, June has dawned over the fields of Kansas, and it brings with it news: Mathe is dead, and school is almost finished.  (Technically, the last of my school is finishing a novel.)

But there's unseen news drifting in on the wind: Jake of the Sadaar has brought some goals with him into June.

I like to call summer the Season of Writing.  Made that up just now; clever, huh?

And I have some incentive for writing, too.  For instance, consider this: if you had 26 days until a writing conference, wouldn't you write?  But it's more complicated than that.  Because it's the OYAN [One Year Adventure Novel] conference: and that means you have to have an OYAN novel.  One I *ahem* haven't quite written one yet.  Yup, that's incentive.  Poor Procrastination doesn't stand a chance.

So here's some goals I have for this month of June, things I'd like to get done.  And it's a list!  Huzzah for lists!  Lists and bullets!  Double combination.

This list is in order of priority.

  • Write the OYAN novel.  This is pretty much a must.  Either that, or I'm showing up to the Conference with a blank novel to share.  (Yup, I'm going to be sharing my novel at that conference.  Now you ALL want to go, eh?)
  • Rewrite the Book of Shaldu.  This probably won't happen, since I need to have it formatted and edited and stuff for a proof copy from CreateSpace.  Believe it or not, I still haven't gotten my free proof copy from all the way back to NaNoWriMo.  Oh, and did I mention the free copy expires June 31st? ;)
  • Write the last section of A Battle Fought at Midday.  This is farther down the list, since my above works have an "expiration date".
  • Write in Revolution.  Probably won't happen, but there's a slim chance I'll have some time.  I'll probably pick it up next month
That's about it.  See you all next time.

(Postscript: Contact me if you want to do a rough-and-ready Word War.  I'm craving those right now; I gotta finish a novel before the 28th, right?)


Hannah Joy said...


A Word War sounds great to me. I need to get some writing in my novel, not Procrastination, but Busyness. So that would help me...if you would!

Eldra said...

Any time you're ready, give the word.

Jake said...

I'm working at it right now. :) I've increased 1077 words today. It's a far cry from the NaNoWriMo days. I used to do thousands a day back then...what am I saying?! *headdesk* It was only six months ago!

The chapter is a little hard to write, unfortunately, so things are going slow.

I can't do a Word War tonight, but tomorrow shall be superb, methinks.