Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Errant King Cover Art!

Wayne Thomas Batson has released the cover art for book two of the Dark Sea Annals: the Errant King.

Check it out. 

I've died already.  I suspect I'll die again when October rolls around.  I can't wait.  Chew on this while you wait!



Unknown said...

Honestly I think the second one does a much better job at grabbing your attention. I really like it.

RED~Scribe said...

I totally agree. The second cover has a brighter color scheme and definitely is more eye-catching. I like it.

Jake said...


I love it. :D The colors are bolder, the scheme cooler (instead of a card, a partially rolled up parchment with strange words, a dark sky, a rolling sea), and the sea bluer. The title looks bolder, too. :) I can't wait to read it.

Sarah Pennington said...


The lady on the bottom is creepy . . .

The guy on top looks rather like Aragorn.

Elizabeth Eiowing said...

OMGOSH OMGOSH!!! I saw this on fb and about FREAKED out!!!! It looks soooo cool!!! :D:D:D I can't WAIT!!