Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Giveaways & Spearhead

Hey, readers!  Giveaway time!

Yup, I posted that just to hook you in here.  Sorry.  But read on, and you'll find it's true!  I'm not the one giving it away, but it's easy to enter.

BloggingForBooks (WaterBrook Multnomah's we'll-give-you-a-free-book-if-you-give-us-a-review program) has changed some stuff up (again), but this time it's in our favor.

Basically, you rate my reviews, you get entered for some free books.  That's all.  Since you have to verify your email, they use that email to contact you should you win.  The BfB people draw from raters at random, so you have a good chance of getting some good stuff.  The more you rate, the better your chances.   :)  If you rate a particular book, you have a chance of winning that book: if you rate Dug Down Deep, for instance, you have a chance of winning Dug Down Deep.

And this happens...all month.

Crazy, huh?

Which also works out for me, since I'd like you to rate my reviews anyway. :)  I get free books and ratings; you get to rate and enter to win books.  It's not a bad deal.

If you want to rate some of my reviews, you'll find all of the ranking thingies embedded in this post.

Some other momentous news has come about today.  Four Christian fiction authors (Sir Hopper and Sir Batson among them) have teamed up to create a website called Spearhead.   It's something big, and I'm not entirely sure what exactly it is.  But it seems everyone is abuzz with this news.  Some even call it "the next big thing".  Here is Spearhead's about page.

It's like an online bookstore, run by authors.  Christopher Hopper, in his post about Spearhead, referenced it as a "guild".

Can't wait to see what comes of it.  This could go far.

Opinions?  Any more information that you know that I don't?


Seth said...

"We are now setting aside free copies of various titles to be given to your blog readers each month. Whenever anyone reads and ranks your review, they will automatically be entered to WIN A FREE COPY OF THE BOOK THAT YOU REVIEWED" I wasn't yelling or being weird or anything with that last part, just wanted to make sure it wasn't passed over lol.

Seth said...

I think that was posted without the first comment. It looks weird out of context lol. Anyway, I thought I put a comment saying how I'm not sure that the way you said the giveaway thing works in your post was how it was actually done and that I would look at the email again. So I did and I found that.

Jake said...

Aha! I missed that. :) My apologies. I got it mixed up with the contest revamp. *goes to edit*

Jake said...

Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out, Seth. :)

Seth said...

Either way, I'm very excited about the possibilities with the book giveaway and the contest revamp.