Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just To Let You Know

I wanted to tell y'all that Jake is the best brother in the whole wide world (yes, he is that wickedly awesome!!)

Jake is amazing- you should know- you read his blog!

He is a great writer.

He has mad (arm) sparring skills.

He doesn't complain when he has to clean up other peoples' messes.

He lets me sit in the front seat when I'm in a bad mood (good move, by the way.)  :)

He is the type of guy who will give up his day to go fence in 101 degree weather (no shade or breeze!) with his grandpa.

He is someone who can make you laugh- laugh loud.

He is someone who isn't afraid to admit his mistakes- who always gets over himself and says he is sorry (not that he ever does anything that he needs to say sorry for!  *wink*)

He is my brother- the one that can sit on the sofa for 20 minutes and write a spectacular blog post (ridiculous, I know!  He has mad writing skills)

There is a lot more I could brag about- but I gonna go eat *ice cream* (Jake, you're missing out.).

One last word-

I miss you.  I love you.  You are the best (ever) brother in the whole stinkin' wide (really wide) world.  Don't get eaten.


p.s- please comment and tell Jake how (WICKEDLY) awesome he is!!!


Millardthemk said...

Jake you are so "wickedly" awesome it just is hard to explain. Remember the talk we had tonight? Those sad feelings are coming back to me now. Why'd your sister have to go write an ode to Jake? Why I say?? (Insert screaming sound affect) Jake is a true blue KC fan who took the time to meet with a nervous Dr. Appointment focused teen named 'Millard'. Yup, that was you. I've never regretted meeting you, ever. I wish to see you again this summer, be between health and scheduling I'm fearing it might not work. are a brother in Christ. You took the time to learn what "meh" means to commiserate. You are a writing champion because you write unabashedly for the Lord Christ Jesus. Unashamed of the Gospel. I love you as a brother, Jake.

Jake said...

Good gravy, Manny, you've hacked my blog and colorified it! (OO)

Jake said...

Millard...words cannot express, man. Thank you. :)

Jake said...

And to you too, Manny. Thanks sis. You're pretty wickedly awesome too. ;) Miss you.

Eldra said...

Well, Jake, you're amazingly awesome, more than words can describe, but I have to ask: Am I missing something here? Where are you? And why is Manny hacking your account?

Jake said...

*laugh* I've been working at my grandparents' place for a week or two, so I've been busy and away from home. And Manny, evidently overcome with Jakesickness or something, decided to hack my account (since she already knew my passwords—-bad idea, letting your sister know your passwords).

Squeaks said...

I totally agree with Millard :D Jake you are definitely so awesome! And I'm sure that if you were my brother I'd miss you just as much as Manny does :P (I know what she feels like, cuz SOTK and I are *twists fingers* real's called the Brother Ache...I hear there's a brother sized hole in a sister's heart). I hope you're having a great time at your grandparents...gettin' all re-juiced with awesomeness for when you return to the Shire.

I'm definitely glad to "know" you as a blogging buddy :P tis a pity we can't actually meet in real life...maybe some day at some conference or other. In the mean time, your recounts of genius shall have to suffice.

God bless Pen-of-Doom-wielder!!


whisper said...

Manny - Very, very well-said!! An excellent, excellent tribute to a most excellent elf. :D I argue with you on solely one point - I must contest your claim that Jake is the (and I quote) "best brother in the whole wide world." Ahem. I'm afraid he must battle Sting for that title. ;)

But yes!! Jake is most unquestionably and greatlysome awesome. He is a wellspring of randomness, a summoner of turkeys, and a loyal friend. :) Diligent in whatever he undertakes and a cheering encouragement to whomever he speaks. Steadfast and courageous, his writing skills (and Pen) are respected and revered among all elf-kind. He recognizes that words are both precious and dangerous and wields them will all care and precision. He is ever a peacemaker - yet firm in his convictions. To my knowledge, Jake has never once, in the history of the Underground, done anything even remotely deserving of reproof. He has been constantly above rebuke; never speaking hastily or foolishly or angrily or arrogantly.

Here's to Jake. :) So glad to have met you, brother in Christ. :)

- whisper

Vrenith said...

Finally got a chance to read this.

YES, Jake is epic, awesome, amazing--and baffling, all in one. :) Best brother in the world (hopefully no battle over it--they can *both* be best! Or not) Jake's the best on this spinning mudball...

You guys are *all* epic. Great comments, and I have to say, Jake is maddening when it comes to words and sparring... >_> But strangely, I never did get any bruises from it, no matter how much it... uh... hurt. ;)


--Vrenith (with a tear in my eye ;) )

Christopher said...

Here's to Jake. He has encouraged me in my attempts at writing, and I am very thankful for that. He has a great blog, and shares his love for Christ through it. Thank you for helping us all Jake, wielder of the pen of doom, and brave companion in our never ending battle against rabbits-erm-procrastination.

Thank you,

Eagles Wings said...

JAke ish awesome. Not many guys will walk half way across a (really big) campus to make sure some random girl gets to her dorm safely. Tis true.

And we expect to see you at the next tribe party. No exceptions.

The epicly epic Sir Jake is one of the nicest guys I have ever meet. If you don't believe me, look how he treats others. Never have I seen him speak a harsh word in the almost two years I've known him. He always takes the time to ask how others are doing.

Jake, you're a truely awesome person who's like a brother. I'm blessed to know you and your wonderful sisters.

Like Manny said, Dont let the tarantulas eat ye.

Jake said...

Since I'm speechless, I probably shouldn't be talking, wot.

I'm extremely honored to have such wonderful people as friends. Thank you all.

And you know that scene in Return of the King where all of Gondor bows to the hobbits? You know the music that plays there? It makes your heart ache.

That's what was playing in my head as I read this.

Thank you again. Thank you very, very much. This means a lot.

Hannah Joy said...

Well, I suppose I'm a bit late? Sorry...I've been, well, would you imagine, doing brother things with my little brother.

What you ask? Baseball. My brother was on the 10-11 year old All-stars this year, won District, but then lost state. It was heartbreaking, but it really shows how much I'm proud to be his sister, and glad to have siblings.

With that said, I will answer to Manny's amazing plea.

Jake, you are awesome. I love debating with you, and writing long comments to your thought provoking posts. I can't tell you how much I grin whenever I've got something good to say to Jake.

Manny, brothers are awesome. I wish I wouldn't take my three for granted so much. Thanks for reminding me.

To brothers!

Pathfinder said...

Well said, Manny! I'm not sure what I can add to that.

But Jake has put up with me when I've been annoying, exhausted, and absurd. Thank's for that Jake. For understanding and not giving up. (And for all of those crazy word battles.) Your blog and friendship has changed my life for the better, even though I've never met you face-to-face.

It's funny to think how reading just one book led to all of this. New friends, paradigm shifts, a deeper understand of God and Christianity, becoming a writer and better person.
Thank you all Underground Elves.

Michelle Archer said...

Talk about awesome!

Jake everything she said true. I am sure you are a great brother and a amazing friend on top of it.