Monday, November 14, 2011

NaNoWriMo Log—Days 11-14

(The rest of Day 11)

[10:10 PM]

Preparing to word war after working with my grandparents and writing blog posts and such for five hours.

[11:40 PM]

I've hit 21,000 and hoping to write 3k yet tonight. We'll see what happens, I guess.

I need to be careful, though. I was drinking a glass of milk in the kitchen when I had a bit of an epiphany; I'm very concerned about my word count. Enough so that I'm thinking, "What can I write next that will get my word count up?"

I came close to losing track of the story, or even caring about the story. It became about word count, and it should never be that way. If I get 3k, I get 3k, but I need to focus on the story.

Here it goes. *eats a few Cheez-Its and writes*

[12:30 AM]

Well, I got to 21,600 words, and I can't keep my eyes open. I'll have plenty of time to write tomorrow, at least.

DAY 12
(Nov. 12)

CURRENT WORD COUNT (today): 27,122
WORD GOAL: 27,800

Thought of the day: The Internet is distracting: DON'T GET ON IT.

[4:10 PM]

I have a little more than 5,000 left to write, if my sources are correct. *checks again*

Yeah, that's the correct number. I've written a little today, but I need to dig in my heels and WRITE. I need to stop procrastinating and surfing the internet.

Blast, I had forgotten how distracting the internet is. >_<

[4:30 PM]

Word warring.

For ten minutes XP

[5:05 PM]

I'm writing like the wind and really loving it. I got to an epic part and saw all the way to the end of "Part One" of the Prophecy of Einarr.

[5:15 PM]

I'm about to do something extremely clever. :D :D :D :D I love where this chapter is taking me! I've got an epic figuring-out scene that I'm writing where they realize the plot twists and THEN I have a cool little thing where a character relates a crucial piece of information just after I cut out of the scene. I then reveal that information later on and it comes as a complete surprise. :D EPIC.

[5:45 PM]

Passed 23,000.

[8:10 PM]

The writing is really slow, but I'm at 24,000 at least. And I stopped for supper. About to do an hour-long word war, so maybe that will help me out.

[9:20 PM]

I'm at 25k and I'm mentally exhausted. I'm going to take a trenchcoat walk in a few minutes.

[11:30 PM]

Well, I talked with some really nice people on the One Year Adventure Novel forum, but that didn't get any writing done. I'll buckle down and see if I can kill the last 2k or so of words before heading to bed.

[12:10 AM]

I have a thousand words yet to write.


Well, let's get 'er done.

[12:20 AM]

Broke 27k.

[12:30 AM]

I need to go to bed, I'm getting up early for church in the morning. My final count is 27,122. Just a few hundred words away from my goal, but if I write much longer, I won't be able to get up tomorrow. At least I wrote about 6k today. Hopefully I'll make up the 700-odd words tomorrow. Good night.

DAY 13
(Nov. 13)

CURRENT WORD COUNT (today): 30,000
WORD GOAL: 31,500

Thought of the day: Word wars are good. ^_^

[1:15 PM]

I need to write. O_o What's my goal? *calculates* 31,500. All right, not bad.

[7:30 PM]

I've been writing, but I've not been keeping this up.

Oh, and let me tell you what happened today: I was in Hesston, Kansas and eating Mexican at a restaurant. Hesston is a farmer town. Conservative, Republican, and very Mennonite.

Someone walked into the Mexican restaurant. He had a few windblown wrinkles and graying hair, a thick, Western mustache and tight clothes. He wore the BIGGEST belt buckle I've ever seen, and topped off the picture with...a Stetson.

I couldn't stop staring at the Stetson through the entire meal. XD "Thou shalt not covet!" <---Hard today.

[10:15 PM]

The internet is so stinking distracting. >_< I need to write a lot. I'm at 29,000, and I'm aiming for 31,500. Let's go.

No more internet or breaks until I reach 30k.

[11:15 PM]

I'm at 30,000 exactly. Gah. >_< I need to take a break, I'm tired.

[Sometime afterward]

I'm going to bed. XD Good night!

DAY 14
(Nov. 14)

CURRENT WORD COUNT (today): 30,300
WORD GOAL: 35,200

Thought of the day: Write, write! Write until you drop!

[2:05 PM]

I should be writing, but instead I'm running around in righteous anger at this article:

If you watch Doctor Who, you should be mad too. XD

I need to buckle down and keep writing. *nods*


Hey all!  How's it going?  How's NaNoWriMo, NaNoers?  Need a word war?  Shoot me an email. :)


Jake said...

I keep getting very close and not meeting my goal. O_o This needs to change. *runs to go write*

Eldra said...

I'll probably be contacting you about arranging a word war sometime tomorrow.

You know, when we used to live in Calgary, we'd see people wearing Stetsons all the time.