Sunday, November 6, 2011

NaNoWrimo Log—Days 4-6

(Nov. 4)

CURRENT WORD COUNT (today): 6,677
WORD GOAL: 6,668

Thought of the day: Make sure your room is suitably warm! Cold fingers make it hard to type.

[12:50 AM]

Writing. Everyone else is in bed, and I really should be too...hopefully I can make up for today's deficit tomorrow.

Yeah, I'm going to bed. I wrote 200 words and if I write much more, it'll be junk that I'll have to scrap in the morning. Good night!

[11:20 AM]

I took a long walk this morning and did a phenomenal amount of brainstorming. I've got tons of plot twists on the way, and I can't wait to write them! :D Praise the Lord that I was able to figure out a lot of the plot problems that had been borrowing me. Out of that problem came plot that I had not foreseen, and it's fantastic.

And now I've stol—borrowed candy from downstairs. These waxy peanut butter things are really hard to chew on...but Whoppers are awesome too. (Note to self: never chew waxy peanut butter things. They get stuck in your teeth, and then people start staring at you because you're making weird faces, trying to position your tongue to get the stuff out of your teeth.)

Soundtrack time! Let's see if I can write 4,000 words today, eh? D:< (Game face. Rawr! It's time to get the game on and beat the word count.)

*blasts "I Am the Doctor" in his ears at 100% volume*


[2:00 PM]

Well, the parental units had to use the computer, but I'm back on track now. Still writing.

[12:30 PM]

I'm at 3689 words. Part of my time was spent rewriting a scene that needed to have crucial information in it (and didn't), so it didn't really add to my word count. I'm working where I'm supposed to be working right now, though. I'm taking a lunch break, be back soon. *nodnod* I *need* to write about 3,000 more words, but I'd like to work ahead. It's Friday, though, so I'm hoping to stay up late again.

[1:05 PM]

Lunch is over, let's get plugging. Whoppers for dessert. ;)

[1:30 PM]

Just wrote a scene that I really, really like. Take a look!


"It's too dangerous." He could hear the fear in Ryni's voice. The foreboding. "All it takes is one man, just one. If just one Cloak escapes, we're done for. The enemy will descend on us like a vulture."

Sirius stared down on the empty town. Terafain. He had visited it once. It had been alive, then.
Now it was a shell of a town. Worse, a prison. After the war, that short, short war, there was no life left in Arowdae.
Sirius turned back to Ryni. "Have we confirmed that there are real prisoners down there?"
She hesitated. "Well, yes."
"Then we're going through with the plan. Send in someone to notify the prisoners." Sirius's pulse accelerated. He had said it a dozen times, and, High Lord willing, he'd say it a dozen times more. "Tell them that the Eclipse is coming."


Things are going smoothly and really well. I've hit gold all over my novel with new subplots and conspiracies and organizations. This plot will be a LOT more complex than book 1.

My word count is sitting at 3886. I brainstormed some before I kept writing, so, though the word count isn't moving very fast, my plot is.

[1:40 PM]

Good gravy, my fingers are freezing. Am I supposed to write with gloves, or what? Brrrrr!

[1:55 PM]

My hands are still cold. This is worse than playing guitar at midnight, outside, in the cold.

No, scratch that. You don't have to press strings when you type.

At any rate, I'm at 4,200. I LOVE this character that I'm writing. Eclipse is his name. He's a man living under an alias. A vigilante sort.

[2:30 PM]

4,653 words. And my blinkin' fingers are freezing.

[2:45 PM]

Heading to the dump with my grandpa to drop off some stuff, so I won't be able to write until afterward.

[10:00 PM]

Well, my hurry-up-and-help-then-write plan was an epic fail. Our trip took several hours, and then I got home and helped work around the farmyard for the remainder of the day. We got a lot done though. :) We tore out several bushes and trimmed trees.

Once the sun had set, we came inside and ate supper. We played games for a while around our new (and borrowed) dining room table. Our grandparents on my dad's side loaned it to us.

And I'm only just now getting around to writing. Unfortunately. >_< I've found that writing is a lot harder without internet and comrades encouraging one another on. I have many friends encouraging me, yes, but not on a daily basis, since I'm internet-less right now.

And I lack Word Wars... *sigh*

Still, I'll plug on! I won't go down without a fight, no sir! Give them blood and vinegar! Battle before breakfast! (Anytime AFTER breakfast is then before breakfast as well. Which means anytime that is not during breakfast is battle before breakfast. And battle during breakfast is rather ugly, because I'm rather peckish at that time...I'm not a morning person.)


[10:30 PM]

5,100 words. Not bad. Still plugging, though. My brain is telling me to go to sleep, but I have a long time yet before I allow that to happen.

The sun's gone wibbly...

[10:45 PM]

5,300 words. Gah, I'm tired. My eyes and my mind are working fine still, but I keep yawning. I really need to go to bed, but I can't yet! No sir! Keep writing, that's the ticket! Keep going!

...this novel is going to need some editing after November...those late nights...


[11:00 PM]


(11:11 PM)

How special. 11:11. One one one one.

Only a thousand words to go now. I'm almost to 5,700.

I'm cold. Oddly, my fingers aren't cold yet. Weird. I'm shivering. XP Did I mention that our house has one heater, and it's downstairs in the living room? I'm upstairs, and in the opposite corner of the house. Which means my room is the coldest. No heating.

And it's below freezing tonight...yay...

I'm wanting to give up and go to bed. But my writer's mind says that I need to be stubborn and forget about cold and weariness and whatnot and keep writing.

*sigh* Guess I'll listen to my inner writer. I've never been more grateful to have a bed and blankets to pile on it. Unfortunately, I can't use it just yet...cheese crackers, it's cold...what I really need to do is brainstorm, which my tired brain can't do after 10:00.


Keep telling yourself that, Jake, keep doing it...I wish I had some coffee...

I'm having spazzes, it MUST be late. This shouldn't happen until after midnight! XP

[11:40 PM]

I'm somewhere around 6,000 words. Gah, I'm tired.


(Nov. 5)

CURRENT WORD COUNT (today): 10,005
WORD GOAL: 8,335

Thought of the day: The same as it was yesterday. Brrrrr!

[12:20 PM]

YES. Relief! I made it. I'm at 6,677 words. I can go to bed now.

Amazing how sleep is such a motivator after midnight...I've never appreciated a warm bed more than I do now.

Good night, world! I'm caught up...for now. I hope to write a lot more tomorrow (i.e. later today).

[4:30 PM]

Don'tcha just hate it when you wake up in the morning and your parents tell you that, "We have to leave in fifteen minutes because we're going to a family reunion and we just decided that we were going last night."?

That's what happened. So I woke up, got a shower, and we ran out the door. We drove forty-five minutes to a tiny little town with a big Methodist church and had a family reunion from my dad's mother's side. Free food made it worth it, methinks, but we only just got home.

We may be doing other things later today, so I'd better get writing while I still can. I'm glad I'm not behind...that means I only have to write 1,600 today. :) And writing so much yesterday gave me some great ideas for the upcoming plot.

Poor Vrenith has a fever, so it's a good thing she wrote ahead for today. Her novel is somewhere around 8,500 words right now. I think the family reunion just made her fever worse. :(

Also, at the family reunion, a person I don't know (but I'm related to him) told about the time he took his cousins snipe hunting. O_o

Better get writing! *turns on music and goes to stare at the computer screen*

[4:45 PM]

Well, my novel is coming along briskly. Maybe too briskly. My chapters so far are short and fast-moving. Once I get all of my characters introduced and reintroduced and situated, I'll wind down a bit and then bring in the main plot.

Maybe my method is a bit unorthodox (there are quite a few characters and quite a few scenes) but I think it'll be interesting to read and fast-paced. We'll see how it goes.

It does worry me a bit, however, that I have a lot of character storylines and subplots. I have *counts* four character POVs. There's one main character, but three supporting characters that have a lot of screen time. They're all in different places with different scenarios. I'll be combining two of them together in the near future (at least in scenarios), but that's still a lot of places for the reader to be in at once.

[5:15 PM]

I broke 7,000, and things are coming along. I've got a chapter that, while it has conflict, is a fairly slow chapter that winds things down a little bit. I like it though. :)

[5:45 PM]

Around 7,600. Not too far to go now. :) I'm writing fairly fast (at least, "fast" relative to THIS NaNoWriMo) and this chapter is turning out very well. Don't you just love it when you *know* that two characters that don't know each other are going to meet by chance? XD

[6:15 PM]

Blech, I am FREEZING. XP My fingers are numb again.

I reached 7,800 and then popped downstairs to see what Dad was up to and grab a snack. I'm up again and hope to reach my goal before I head back down.

[6:25 PM]

I broke 8,000 words! ^_^ Today's been a great writing day, methinks. I haven't had any major problems yet.

Of course...if I say that, don't you know what'll happen?

A couple days ago, my dad and I were driving in my grandpa's pickup, down from the farm. My dad told me, "Well, Jake, it's about the time of day where we see deer," and as soon as it left his mouth, he slammed on the brakes—a young buck leaped across the road just in front of us, and we narrowly escaped hitting it.

That's what happens...

[6:30 PM]

Going to go help Dad outside for a moment. Be back soon...hopefully...

[7:35 PM]

Why does this always happen? <_< I leave for a "little bit" and come back a long bit later.

Well, I worked outside for a while and then we came inside and ate supper. I'm going to be writing for quite a while longer, methinks, because tomorrow is going to be hectic. Three church services and then a going-away party after church. Who knows what'll happen?

So I'll see if I can work ahead some, in case we have one of those days where we get home at midnight.

And now I'm armed with waxy peanut buttery candy thingies. :| Allons-y!

[8:40 PM]

I'm at 8,800. That means I made my goal for today, and then some. :) Working on tomorrow's!

[9:10 PM]

9,200. Battle! I love battle. (: It's fun to write. Sort of. It's a bit difficult to write the middle of a battle, though.

*runs downstairs to grab some chips* Writing makes me hungry. ;)

[9:30 PM]

Back. *nodnod* Hopefully I can hit 10,000 tonight, which would be epic. It's also tomorrow's goal! Well...technically, tomorrow's goal is 10,002. :| Dun dun dun...

[9:40 PM]

9,600 words! Only 400 left! For once I don't have to stay up 'til midnight to meet my goals. ;) I think that the rest of the chapter should suffice to finish off my goal.

[10:05 PM]

All right, I'm done! :D My word count is 10,005. Hurrah!

And good thing too, because I need to get up early in the morning. XP 5:45. Gah.

[10:15 PM]

I just calculated it: I wrote 5,352 words in the last 24 hours. That's pretty epic! :D I went from being very behind to very ahead. Awesomesauce! D:< See that? Game face. I put it on yesterday and never took it off.

That means I DOUBLED my word count in 24 hours. YES.


That's actually kind of disgusting, if you think about it. If you eat dust, it turns to mud...gross....

[11:00 PM]

I was playing guitar on my bed when I heard Mom shouting. "The whole house is shaking. Eric [Dad], what did you do?" (Classic, right?) She thought it must've been someone nailing something into the wall or jumping up and down.
I stopped playing guitar. The glasses on my bookshelf were clinking, like they do when someone walks into my room. Only, no one was walking into my room.

I could feel the bed shaking, just a little bit. The glasses kept clinking.

I just sat there for a minute. The shaking died down, and I could hear Vrenith downstairs, saying that the couch had been vibrating.

[11:05 PM]

Sorry, I just went and talked with Dad. He says that it's all over Twitter. Some earthquake just took place. Woh. (OO) The epicenter was somewhere in Oklahoma.

Poor Dad was in the kitchen and couldn't feel a thing.

So yeah, it was an earthquake. We had been speculating about it before Dad checked Twitter, since there had been an earthquake at 2:00 AM this morning near Oklahoma City.

What we felt was, indeed, an earthquake. The first one I ever felt!

And I'll always remember, "Eric, what'd you do?" XD

(Nov. 5)

CURRENT WORD COUNT (today): 10,005
WORD GOAL: 10,002

Thought of the day: Remember to set the clock...

[5:45 AM]

Guess what? I was supposed to get up at 5:45 AM. Only, I forgot to reset my clock for daylight savings. You know what that means?

Yeah. I got up at 4:45. And no one else got up.

I'm sure I'll be sleeping well tonight...I got a grand total of four hours of sleep. XP


So it's been a fun day, and I need to be off.  I'd post something more interesting, like another video, but I don't have much time.

Gotta fly!  Allons-y!


Pathfinder said...

I've only felt one earthquake in my life. I must've been about six years old. I was sitting in the computer chair in the room that doubled as the office and dining room. Then, I heard the windows rattle like they did when a car sped down the road, blasting music. But there was no speeding car. The curtains shivered, and the house shook just barely. My rolling computer chair rolled into the wall. Then everything was still.
I remember thinking: "Was that a giant walking nearby, or was that an earthquake?"

Jake: "Well, my hurry-up-and-help-then-write plan was an epic fail."
Aren't you the one that I quote so often, saying: "Epic and fail do not belong in the same sentence!"?
I 'spected more, Jake-a-thing!

Hannah Joy said...

Wow. That was a fun read. Inspiring too. I'm still struggling with NaNoWriMo....-_-

Anonymous said...

I wish that I'd been allowed to do NaNoWriMo, but I have important school exams all through this month. :(

Earthquaks? I've been through lots of them, they get kind of annoying. Oh the joys of living in Christchurch, New Zealand. Actually, I think the first earthquake was the 7.1 on September 4 last year, not fun.

Mikaela said...

You like Doctor Who I can suspect...

Sometimes I just want to scream GERONIMO! too when I want to takle an idea.

Jake said...

Sorry, Pathadonga. ;)

Keep plugging on, Hannah Joy! You can do it! Come on, if this old rackety Sadaar can punch out a few dusty words on a dirty computer screen, you can too! Find something epic to listen to! *nodnod*

Here, listen closely to this soundtrack. Let it sweep you into a writing mood. :|

That's another reason why Doctor Who is epic. ;)

And while you're at it, listen to this. A Christian composer called Jon M. wrote it. It's epic stuff :D

Yowza, Anon! That's a bad earthquake. (OO) I guess our little Kansas earthquake is small potatoes, eh?

Indeed, Mikaela.

Faye said...

Loved reading your log :) I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I awarded you blog award and you can pick it up at my blog Great blog :)

Eldra said...

Well, you certainly had me giggling my way through this post. "Eric, what did you do?" *snickers*

I can't recall ever feeling an earthquake before. But I've lived in areas with both tornadoes and forest fires -- especially the forest fires. I've been able to watch a fire right across lake/valley before. 'Twas a bit scary.

Although I have to ask... why were you playing your guitar at 11:00 PM anyway?

The Director said...

You're crazy man :]

And go get some sleep. ;)

Thanks for these posts. They make my day.

Jake said...

What do you think I was doing? I had a sudden urge to play guitar at 11:00 PM. It's almost like NaNoWriMo therapy. ;)