Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NaNoWriMo Log—Days 7-8

(Nov. 7)

CURRENT WORD COUNT (today): 11,679
WORD GOAL: 11,669

Thought of the day: Rainy days! On these sort of days, write, even if you don't want to.

[12:15 PM]

Well, I'm armed with Starburst and ready to write again. I did sleep in (a LITTLE) because we got home at midnight (again <_<) and had an extremely busy day. I couldn't keep my eyes open, literally. I had to walk around the house with my eyes halfway shut to do anything.

We did have a fantastic goodbye party though. I saw a lot of old friends and had a great time, wrapping it up by watching a Doctor Who episode. ;)

Also, it's raining. We needed it. :) It's supposed to rain close to an inch today, raining some all day and some of tomorrow. I was hoping for snow, but only northwest Kansas is supposed to get some. XP

Now...to writing! Let's see what the story has in store for me this time... *chomps on a Starburst*

[1:15 PM]

Okay, I didn't write at all. I listened to soundtrack for a while and stared at a blank screen. Nothing was coming, so I went down and took a long shower to ponder it up.

Now I've got a general idea of where I'm going and I'm ready to start. Geronimo!

[1:45 PM]

10,500 words. And counting. ^_^

[1:50 PM]

I'm going to go take a quick break, grab a drink, and check on the weather. Be back soon.

[2:00 PM]

Well, it's raining hard and there's puddles everywhere. The farm is going to be a mud pit once this rain's finished. :| Beatrice (one of our dogs) is already muddy and wet.

I'm resisting the urge to curl up on my bed and read a book...

[2:10 PM]

*stops for a moment to play on his guitar for a bit*

[2:40 PM]

I must have a low attention span or something...I can't seem to concentrate on this. After I played my guitar, I wrote a few words and then went outside and got soaking wet.

Come on Jake, just write. You don't have that much left to write, just write it.

[3:00 PM]

Hit 11,000.

[3:40 PM]

I got my goal, so I'll turn off my computer for a little while. There's lightning outside, so I'm running on battery power alone. I should probably conserve it. :)

[4:15 PM]

There was enough rain that it puddled up the whole yard. So I went puddle jumping in my KU hoodie and borrowed boots. ^_^

Needless to say, I am now soaked. Hopefully I'll dry up. ;)

[5:10 PM]

I'm still wet. ^_^

It's getting colder and colder. There's a vicious wind out of the north that cuts to the bone. I wonder if the puddles will freeze tonight...maybe the weather changed, and we'll get snow after all?

*hopes so*

[7:00 PM]

Supper time! :) I haven't written yet, but I probably shall after supper, unless the family has other plans. O_o

[10:20 PM]

Well, I didn't write at all. :P And I'm deciding to go to bed while I still can. Final count was 11,679. :)

Oh, and my jeans are finally dry. ;)

(Nov. 8)

CURRENT WORD COUNT (today): 12,932
WORD GOAL: 13,336

Thought of the day: Let there be snow!....or, not...

[10:05 AM]

Greetings and hallucinations! I'm up and about and also, I woke up without an alarm. O_o Interesting.

At any rate, I'm going to write until lunchtime. I hope I get my goal during the next two hours, because after lunch, I'm going to take a shower and then we'll all leave to get internet and THEN we'll have supper at someone's house. That's the good thing about moving to another country—everyone feeds us for free while we're still here! ;)

So! Writing time!

And it didn't freeze or snow last night...*hmph*

[10:30 AM]

Hit 12,000. :) And my fingers are FREEZING! AGAIN! Sheesh, why doesn't it just snow instead of making everyone cold? At least I'd get something out of it.

Also, I've noticed that my humor is leaking more and more into my novel. And I'm about to make a sly Doctor Who reference. In my novel. Mwahahahahaha!

[10:50 AM]

Edon barely heard him. "What in the name of sanity is that?" Edon said, staring at the strange and battered hat.
"Oh, this?" Sadai said, reaching up and stroking his hat. "It's a fedora. They were all the rage during King Radion's reign. Can you believe it, a man was selling it for a silver senereis! I got a good deal."

[11:00 AM]

Taking a break to brainstorm.

[11:15 AM]

This is driving me crazy. I have a big giant plot issue staring me in the face, and I can't figure it out. GAAAAAAAAAAHH...

At any rate, I have one scene left to write until I hit that plot issue. I'll write that and then do something drastic, I suppose...

[11:45 AM]

I'm at 12,900, and I hit the plot issue. XP Hopefully I can figure it out later.

For now, I'm going to take a shower and eat lunch. See ya.

[12:35 PM]

Well, I took a shower and ate lunch and all that. But I still can't figure out my plot issue.

I'm about to do something YOU should never do. Never, never never. Don't ever do it.

I'm going to go and play a computer game when I should be writing.

[2:30 PM]

The world is drowning! We've gotten tons and tons of rain, and it's still coming down. There's a river running through the yard, and the other parts of the yard have turned into a lake. Beatrice is an unholy mess of water and mud and fur.

Hope it stops soon. The Chevelle is missing a back window, and we need to go somewhere. (OO)


So, by the way, it didn't stop, and we drove all the way with a wet cardboard window.  And then it caved, and I had to hold it in place with freezing fingers.

And when we drove back, it snowed like nobody's business. (OO)  It accumulated, a little, but it's mostly melted now.

I might be able to write more tonight, but I don't know if I can.  This plot problem is killing me. >_<

How's it going with y'all?  (I've decided that y'all is more efficient than you all.)


Eldra said...

Wow, you take a lot of showers. O_o Weird...

Jake said...

I have a one-a-day requirement. *nods*

Eldra said...

So it's kind of like how I can't go a day without eating chocolate. To each their own, I suppose. :)

Do you mind sharing your Starbursts, or do I have to go find my own?

Jake said...

*reluctantly hands over a few Starbursts*

Charlotte said...

I love rain, it's so much fun to sing, dance and run in.

How's it going with me? Weeelll...I spent the whole day on the internet (the underground), and listening to music instead of the stuff you're expected to do on study leave B) (I think you're expected to do study during study leave, I wonder why.)

May the Lord help you with your plot issue. May your pen remain sharp.


Christopher said...

What's going on with me? Well, I have been resisting the urge to watch Doctor Who so that I can write. Also, I recently hit a plot hole, where I was supposed to introduce a character, but I realized it would seem forced if I did it the way I was planning to. So, fifteen minutes of staring at screen later, I came up with a solution.

Hopefully, that won't happen again.

And any news on when you leave?

Hannah Joy said...

I have been going...well enough. I'm still behind on my word count goal. But, nonetheless, I shall plug on!

I guess I'm sorta lucky that I just finished my book yesterday (my reread of The Monster in the Hollows by Andrew Peterson) so I don't have anything to read currently. At least, until the libary finally decides to give us Order of the Phoenix. Yeesh, it's taking forever. I might reread The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic by Jennifer Trafton. Or maybe I'll read some Elizabeth Goudge. Or maybe I'll just get some writing done...

Samantha Wolfe said...

You and your Doctor Who..... Sheesh. Between you, Christopher Paolini, and my good friend (that people mistake for my brother.... O_o), I may just be convinced to watch them. ;-P

But yeah, I'm super behind on my word count, but at least I got a couple thousand words done yesterday! *cheers* (Like 3,000 or something...) And I got to walk to the library while it snowed. That has to be the best way to get inspired. :-)

Eldra said...

Thanks for the Starbursts!! *returns the favor by passing over some chocolate* Enjoy!