Friday, December 30, 2011

Sand And Houses And Also Rather Important News

I felt unsatisfied with the capitalizations of this I capitalized everything. ^_^

Now, down to business!  I'll keep this short.

Things have been busy in a slow kind of way.  That means I've been procrastinating up a storm, unfortunately.  However, we did sign a lease on a house - which means we're moving in tomorrow.  And as of right now, we don't have any plans for internet.

That doesn't mean I'll disappear entirely.  I'm still not sure how much I'll be on, though.  I might be gone for months.  Or I might be back in a week and say, "Hey! We got internet!  Hullo there again!"  So don't get your shirt in a knot.

However, it should mean a decrease in blogging.  I have one post I'll hopefully write before I "leave", so there.

The house we're getting is really nice, actually.  It's owned by a missionary, and we'll be leasing it from him; it has four rooms and it's really close to the beach. However, the reason that we're getting it for an affordable price (because houses of this sort, on the beach, are normally expensive) is because the only way to get to the house is to either walk to it along the beach or cross a long walking-bridge across a lagoon.  It's really picturesque, actually.

Things are also moving slowly in my revisions of The War Horn.  I cut another three hundred words of chapter one and haven't added a single word.  However...I think I'm getting close to actually rewriting the beginning.  We'll see. <_<

In short, I'm alive, I'm trying to write, and I have one more post coming up.  And I'm procrastinating.  Right now, all of the other posts I have planned - the continuation of "Ninja" and my sequel post about writers - are on hold.  Sorry about that.  Perhaps I can sit down and pre-write them when I don't have internet.

And while you're reading this, if you haven't already, check out my poll on the sidebar and the excerpt I have up on one of my pages—Prologue: Assassins.

So keep your eyes peeled.  I'll be back.



Anonymous said...

Glad you guys finally found a house! And on the beach... : )

Hope you get internet soon!

Hannah Joy said...

Oh, sounds like an awesome house! I can just picture it....

I'll be praying for you and your fam!

Christopher said...

Methinks Jake's family did not get internet...:(

In the meantime let's all tell Jake how completely EPIC his prologue was! And how totally awesome this blog is. I know I couldn't be nearly as consistent as Jake always is in posting. :D

So here's to internet for Jake soon!

Ninja Tim said...

Agreed. *clinks glasses with Christopher*

Hannah Joy said...

*adds cup to the Ninja Tim and Christopher clink* To Jake!

Christopher said...

Come on! Join the toast everyone!