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Hello, everyone, and welcome to Teenage Writer! Teenage Writer is about- as the title implies -my writing, tips, reviews, recommendations, and more. If you want to learn more about Teenage Writer, there is a link below the header titled, 'About Teenage Writer'. If you want to contact me, please check out the Contact Me page.

Okay, so here's the main scoop on Teenage Writer. If you want a summary of this, you can check out the About Teenage Writer page.

Number One; Tips
This basically means that, after my day of writing, I will try to post a tip that I used during the day (Inspired by Donita K. Paul's writing blog. Thanks, Mrs. Paul!) I am in no way an experienced writer. In fact, the way I get these tips is not because I knew them beforehand- I aquired them after making a mistake!

Number Two; Reviews
This happens when two things come together; writing, and a good book. I will try to write at least one review every week. As a prewarning, my favorite genre is completely and absolutely fantasy, so be prepared for an onslaught of fantasy reviews. If you want to suggest a book for me to review, please look at the About Teenage Writer page for more information.

Number Three; Recommendations
When I feel like I don't have time to write a review on a book, I may recommend it. In other words, I'll take a book, write a short summary of it, put a picture of it, and put my recommendation on a scale of one to ten. Of course, I wouldn't recommend a book if my rating wasn't over at least 5, would I? ;).

Number Four; My Writing
This is one thing that will happen only every so often. On occasion, I may either post something from my own novel, or I post when I reach a roadmark; such as a high number of pages, the amount of words, and/or when I finish one of my novels. (I've written two, and hard at work at the third).

Number Five; More
This is the part where you come in. 'More' is a completely open term, which means I'm open for expansion into another part related to reading and writing, although I can't really think of anything at the moment. If you would like to suggest something, you can see the Contact Me page for more details.

With that, the introduction to Teenage Writer is done. Let the writing begin!

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