Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lord of the Rings Giveaway Trivia, Part One

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LOTR trivia part one, everyone! For those of you who don't know or are hazy on the details of the rules on this, here it goes;

1) The first person who gets the question right gets one extra entry into the giveaway. If you don't know how to get regular entries into the giveaway, see my giveaway post.

2) If that person also gets it without searching in the book, he or she gets an EXTRA extra entry--i. e. two entries. Please be truthful when answering. :)

3) If you answer and receive an entry or two, you can't answer trivia again. Only one or two extra entries per person.

And it's also worth noting that all of the questions will be from the book, so please don't answer from the movie. :)

With that behind us, we can begin!

And for today's question...

"What was to be seen in the palantir of Minas Tirith after the Battle of Pelennor Fields?"

[HINT; The palantiri were those shiny balls of Sight that one could contact other people and see far things in. Saruman had one in Orthanc until Gandalf took it.]

Good luck, and keep your copies of LOTR close at hand! I'll be posting again tomorrow.

Let the guessing begin!

NOTE; If you find this too hard, then just mention it. >:) I may lower the difficulty if needed.


Nathanael said...

A burning light. I had to look it up (ugh!) and I'm still not certain that's correct. It changes soon afterwards.


Squeaks said...

Hmm... I do believe, if my memory suits me well, that Aragorn used the stone to reveal himself to Sauron and in return Sauron showed Aragorn an image of his dying love (can't remember the lady-elf's name). This happened just after the battle at Pelennor Fields.


Squeaks said...

Oh, and Jake, if mine is correct, I didn't look at the book :)


Jake said...

Ah, no, those aren't the answers I was looking for. :D But good guess! Actually, Squeaks, the Orthanc stone is what Aragorn used--just before the battle.

More specifically, [HINT!] the sight was seen was after Denethor died. It was a specific image.

Squeaks said...

AAAA... think think think.... oh dear :S :S :S ummmmmmmm.....

After Denethor's Death??? Ooo...right, wasn't it the stone of Minas Tirith that showed Denethor's burning hands if someone tried to use it? It was said that only one with a strong will could possibly get the stone to work. Is that it?

*refrains super hard from typing in Google search engine; sweat breaks on brow*


Jake said...


Great job Squeaks! Two extra points for you. :) Awesome. :D

So that brings ya up to four points--that's the max! Again, great job. :D

Jake said...

For those who didn't catch it, the official answer was that, after Denethor's death, unless you had a strong will all you saw in the Palantir was two old hands (Denethor's hands) withering in flame. :)

Squeaks said...

*wipes sweat off brow* Whew...that was so stressful.


Jake said...

LOL, but congrats. :D

Squeaks said...

Now I twiddle my thumbs and wait lol :P I can't wait to see tomorrow's question (thankfully I won't have to answer it). I searched up the books you're giving away on Amazon...they're pretty expensive. For used books they cost over $90! Are you certain you want to give them away??


Jake said...

I'm sure. LOL, when I told my mom the price she said, "Why don't we just keep them and sell them on Amazon?"

But I shall give them away to the lucky winner. :D

~Son of the King~ said...

Hey Jake, when are you going to put up the second question for your giveaway?

~Son of the King~

Jake said...

Oops, sorry, SFTK. :) I had to leave home unexpectedly, but I will continue ASAP! :D