Monday, July 5, 2010

Review; Venom and Song

Venom and Song.

It's been talked about on this blog for some time--and on plenty of others. Finally, a month ago, it came out. I was priveleged to buy it less than a week ago. I took my time and digested it like the amazing book it was. But it surpassed my greatest hopes and expectations.

WARNING; This book may just change your view of Christian Fantasy forever.

Time is running out...

Trapped in the strange world of Allyra, the seven royal Elf lords struggle to control their new powers. With the Spider King chasing them and traitors in their midst, the young lords must unravel the mystery of the legendary Rainsong before the Elven race is destroyed forever. Standing in their way are peculiar and perilous creatures, a trap-filled fortress, and a dangerous secret.

Will the Prophecies come true? Or will the Spider King win again? [from the back cover]

Amazing. Inspirational. Heart-wrenching. Spiritual. All of these things describe Venom and Song.

If anything could be called epic, it would be this. The battles are breathtaking and detailed, but not so the reader would be grossed out. The plot is always twisting and turning. Every time I think the authors would do one thing, they do the opposite. Full of dangers, deception, hope, action, and mystery, Venom and Song is epic indeed.

The Christian elements in this book are taken to a much higher level then in the previous book. Some of the complaints against the previous book, Curse of the Spider King, was that there was little mention or insight into Ellos (the God-figure in the Berinfell Prophecies.) There is a lot more about Ellos in Venom and Song, however

One of the possible cons was that there were seven protagonists, preventing character development. Let me tell you; this doesn't happen. The characters developed wonderfully, and I cared for each one of them--the ultimate character goal of each writer.

The political intriugue in this book is pulled of masterfully as well. The only cons in this excellent book is that it ended far too quickly. :)

This book, Venom and Song, is number 8 on my Top Ten Fiction list. Seriously. I have read many books, but this one is one of the best.

I recommend this to any fantasy lover (and even to those who aren't!). Rated 9.65 out of 10.

Now, to endure the torture of waiting until the next book...


yo' momma said...

dude, this review makes even ME want to read fantasy fiction instead of henry nouwen. :)

great review, son.

Squeaks said...

Aaah!! You actually read the book!!! I envy you :P jk, I can't wait to read it. I enjoyed the first one somewhat...but I bet the second is far better. Btw, your blog looks great, the arrangement is really nice! (yeah, I guess I've been away too long lol)


Jake said...

Thanks, Squeaks! It's definitely worth reading--and buying. I heard that you can get a free copy of it for blog reviewing at you should check that out! :D

WayneThomasBatson said...

Jake, I am speechless! Honored. Thankful. You are too kind with your praise. CH and I are stoked! Thank you so much for being a great reader. If you are so led, please consider plastering your review all over: Amazon, CBD, B&N, wherever you like! Thanks! Endurance and Victory!

Jake said...

Thank you, Mr. Batson. It was a pleasure to read your and CH's book. I'm honored to have you stop by!

I'll do that right away. :) Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Wow I liked cotsk but the way you make venom and song sound, well tomorrow I'm getting the book! Lol I was supposed to get it two weeks from now but I'm not very patient!- autumn(couldn't get the google account to work)