Friday, July 2, 2010

Whee! A Tag

Beorn has tagged me with the illustrious Candid Room Tag--which means I have to post picture(s) of my room without cleaning it up first. So prepare yourself to see the disaster area known as my room.

(above) This picture shows most of my room. My bed is a holy mess, my amp has cords hanging all over the place, and you can see the remaints of unpacking from my mission trip. If you zoom in close (if you can) on the table, you'll be able to see a published-in-1898 black leather Bible from Sierra Leone.

(above) My table, on which I put my radio/CD Player, clock, fan, library books, and miscellaneous junk. Behind the fan (which was on) you can see a drum from Africa. It was 10:52 PM when I took this picture, as you can see by the clock.

(above) My bookshelf, my guitars. Pretty much sums it up.

And last, but certainly not least...

My bookshelf--close up. If you can zoom in, feel free to take a look at the books. The only one whose title is clearly visible from this vantage is Brisingr, by Christopher Paolini. This isn't all of my books, however. Many of them are on my Amazon Kindle, COTSK included. Venom and Song, however, is sitting beside me with a bookmark stuck in the middle, so it wasn't included in the picture. :)

And just becuase I can, I tag ALL of my followers--those who have a blog. People who have already done it are an exception, like Beorn. :D

Heh heh, this should be interesting...


Star-Dreamer said...

Hmmm... that means I'm tagged. This will indeed be interesting, though not nessisarily because my room isn't clean. It actually is, for once. *grin* No, the real reason is because I don't have a very good camera. I have a webcam in my lappy... maybe that would work. *think, think* :)

Beorn said...

Dude... awesome bookshelf. That, my friend, is the bookshelf (and room) of a writer.

How was Brisingr? I kinda want to read it, but it would mean finishing Eldest =)

Jake said...


Thanks! Brisingr has been and is my favorite fantasy book of all time. Seriously. The middle of Eldest is rather slow, but it picks up a LOT near the end, and leaves you with a plot twist. :) Brisingr, however, is pretty much nonstop action--sort of. There are a few slow parts, but it's even better than Eragon in my opinion.

Pathfinder said...

Why are there ducks on your bookshelf? Hmm... >_>