Sunday, January 23, 2011

Review: Radical

Aye, my first nonfiction review.  And believe is a worthy book.

This book makes me uncomfortable.  And that is precisely why I loved it.

Radical is about taking your faith back from the American dream.  Every day, we live in America, some of the wealthiest people on earth...while children perish, and the lost die without hearing the name of Jesus.

This book was life-changing.  Perhaps you've heard that of other books...but this book changes things in my life to radical living, not because of the book itself, but for the Gospel it unveils.  The Gospel hidden behind fancy churches, expensive cars...the American Dream; it reveals a Gospel where we cannot get comfortable.  A Gospel of urgency.

One of the things about this book that impacted me was a sentence several pages into the cover.  It was hidden amongst the copyright, in very small print.  It said, "The author's royalties for this book will go to promoting the glory of Christ in all nations."

This was a New York Times bestseller.

This guy isn't one of those people who sits back and writes a theology book.  He believes what he writes.  Truth and conviction rings out of every word--he writes with an urgency, for the need is urgent.

Radical made me see past the American dream that I'd like to believe and challenged me to the core.  It ended with a challenge to become a radical for Christ--one I hope to accept.

Read this book.  But be warned--it is dangerously life-changing.  It tears away the veil of the American Dream and reveals the hard truths of the Gospel.  And the Word cuts like a knife.

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Below is a book trailer for Radical.  Watch it at your risk.

I rate this book 9.8 out of ten.  Highly recommended for any Christian.

(Note: I recieved this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah's Blogging for Books program.  I was not required to write a positive review.)

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