Thursday, January 20, 2011

Take a Turn on Rewriting Street....

Well, my writing seems to have taken a turn again--this time, it's heading down Rewriting Street.

After much contemplation and some prayer, I have finally decided to try the method called rewriting. (special thanks to Star-Dreamer and Millard!)  If ye want to find out just what that is, check out the post before this and its comments. :)

Now, ideas are running awry around my head, so I think I'll go and write--however, I wish to correct a statement I made earlier.

Remember when I said I was addicted to writing?  It's only partially true.  What I've discovered in the past day is this:

I'm addicted to writing....for God.

It just doesn't work any other way.


Hannah said...

That sounds like quite the journey, Jake, and I wish you all kinds of luck and prayers. :) Maybe once you have that under your belt you can give even more advice to us who are left in your dust.

Jake said...

Thank you, Hannah! :) I have a cousin named Hannah...I always liked that name, simply because it could be spelled backwards. :)

Mikaela said...

Hey Jake, you're going great! I'm going through the same thing--going through stories all the time. My friend told me to pray... Check out my blog at :D

Hannah said...

I have been writing a many people here...and I'm still on the writing process. But I know that when I do finally get to the rewriting process, I have a lot to work out. :) Thanks, Jake! I believe it would be called a pseudonym, then?

Jake said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mikaela! Stick with one project and see it through. It's the best bet you have to see a story finished. At least, it worked for me. ;) Each writer is unique, though.

Writing a book is awesome. :) Nothing in the world like it...hmm, methinks a pseudonym is a fake name an author takes on when publishing a book. I know there's a term for it, but I have a terrible memory...

Hannah said...

Yeah, I guess that's right, and I knew that, too. What was I thinking? It's a palindrome...:)
Writing a book is awesome...but has to be also the most difficult thing a teenager can do. :) I have the story built up in my heart, and I know how I want it to go, but it is so hard to write it down in a way that makes it good. I mean, really good. Barely any of that makes sense, I'm sure. ;)
Here's a question for you: have you ever written with symbolic things?

Jake said...

Ye may be correct. :)

Hmm. A difficult thing? It depends on the person. Given enough time, I can write a novel. I did, for NaNoWriMo--I wrote a novel in one month. Because I took the time for it. :) The biggest thing is to just write. Write, write, write! One of my favorite phrases is this: the more you write, the more you write, the better you write. :) Complete, original Sadaar-Quote. ;)

Ah, no, I understand entirely. How does one transmit the gloriousness of a charge into certain death? How does a writer write something that transmits the stirring they feel in their soul to words on paper? It is extremely hard, one of the great challenges of a Christian writer.

Symbolic things? Heh, like allegory? I have written a lot of allegory, and to a degree my novels are allegorical. :)

Hannah said...

Yeah, I love to write, but there is so much more to the story in a "feeling" sense than I'm putting in. Write, write write, you say? Well, I am trying to write my novel in one month (inspired by NaNoWriMo, but I don't want to wait for November to roll along) and have been plugging away at that. Hope it works. :)
Yes, allegory. I've always been interested in it, but haven't quite gotten the hang of writing with it yet. Any tips? :)

Jake said...

I know. :) Ye want to write a good story, but ye want to integrate that feeling. Same here. :)

One month novel? Epic! :D Good luck!

Allegory...I've found that the easiest way to do it is to take the meaning and not the plot.

If the idea is integrating the life of Christ, you don't have him born in a town called Bethlehem on Dec. 25.

I wrote a short story about it once. :) It was not about Jesus birth, but the broken silence from God--you know, that three hundred years between the New Testament and the Old? I chose ways to represent that--like the Priests of Silence, who had not spoken a word from God in three hundred years, whose silence was broken when a baby was born. :)

So like I said: keep the meaning, but not the plot. The main point of Christmas was that Christ was born and fulfilled prophecies--the same that happened in the story.

Hannah said...

Thanks Jake! That's awesome advice in a way I hadn't thought about before. Oh, and it sounds like a cool story. ;)
Yes, one month novel. I hope to be done by the end of February.
Anyway, thanks for the advice!

Jake said...

You are entirely welcome. :) I am flattered when people ask for advice. ;)

Good luck!