Sunday, January 9, 2011

Procrastination Strikes Again!

Whenever someone mentions the word Procrastination, I flinch.  And then I say, "Procrastination is my arch enemy."

In the past week Procrastination has returned and sat upon my novel.  Remember that revision post?  I have it, more or less, worked out.  The plot can go on with a large tweak...but I haven't gotten around to actually revising.

Gah!  Procrastination has won this battle, but he has not won the war.

So now you know why I haven't been posting.  When my writing falters, so does my posting.

But there are a few bright things shining through Procrastination's fog.  For instance, resolution three on my list (see my post on New Years' Resolutions) has gotten a jump-start. Yes!  I have gotten a phenomenal idea in starting the story.  I won't actually write it until (at least) finishing the revision of the Book of Shaldu, but the idea is good and I hope the writing will be better than my previous novels.  I'm going to take this one at a slower pace and pour all of the skills I have into extremely good writing, character, plot, etc.

But mostly I'm tired.  I've been doing a lot of stuff, and I'm flying to Phoenix this weekend, so don't expect another blog post from Thursday on until Monday or something. :P

But here's a mug of egg nog (tis not just a holidays drink!) to getting some writing done in the next week.  And a rootbeer toast to the blessed snow that fell last night. :)


Nolan (Beorn) said...

Hey, snow fell last night here, too!

Slay it, I tell you. Procrastination can only be slayed with a blade called Determination...


Jake said...

O_o Or the Pen of Doom... >_> Unfortunately the blasted thing regenerates.

The Director said...

I'm afraid to say I'm with you, Jake. Procrastination has sat on my novel along with it's horrific buddy, Mr. Tweaker of Details and Plot. Ugh. I'll take the Egg Nog gladly though, thankee ;) *drinks eggnog in glorious relief*