Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Invasion of the Feechies WINNER!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Elves and InfidElves!  I am pleased to present to thee the WINNER of the Feechie Invasion Giveaway!

However...some suspense.  (I hear that groaning...)

First of all, the answers to my tricky little Scripture references.  The first one was the only one solved. O_o  It seems I have to be less obscure next time...

1)  The Scripture is Isaiah 65:25, and the allegory is taken from The Binding of the Blade series. 

2)  The Scripture is Revelations 11:4-5, and the allegory is taken from The Oracles of Fire series.  (This was extremely obscure, and not really an obvious allegory: should the Oracles of Fire be injured, the person who harmed them dies.)

3)  The Scripture is Genesis 3:15b, and the allegory is taken from the Wormling Series.

Yeah, yeah, next time I'll try something easier. :P  

Anyway...so what's at stake?

A brand new copy of The Charlatan's Boy.  And a note from me.  Valuable, eh? ;)

So, who's the winner?  Truth is, I don't know.  But I'll find out.  *goes to Random.org*


*punches in variables*

*pushes the button*

The winner is....

(Yes, that is a turkeyduck.)

Congratulations!  Grab your mailing address and shoot me an email. :)  I shall soon have The Charlatan's Boy hurtling your way one way or another....


Eagles Wings said...

LOVE the pic. Thanks muchly Sir Jake! Ye are as generous are ye are epic! Or somethin like that..! :D

The Director said...

Congrats EW! :)

whisper said...

Aye, congratulations, Eagles'! :D

Jake, that is an absolutely epic picture of a turkey/duck. :|

Rachael said...


I just found your blog and I like it

Jake said...

Greetings, Rachael! Thank you for stopping by my humble abode on this blogosphere. :) I'm glad you like it! That's pretty much my goal. ;)