Monday, February 7, 2011

Giveaway Extended!

Hey all!  No, I have not been eaten by fire-breathing feechies out to get my hair and feed it to their, I haven't been eating weird food late at night.  Why?

So, anyway, the giveaway is still a go.  I've decided to extend it, due to the amount of participants as well as my lack of 'advertising' (I've been busier than a spring-cleaning pack rat these days).  The original date was Feb. 4th--I'm extending it to Febuary 14th. That will give us a full week. :)

For those of you out of the loop, I'm holding a giveaway of a brand new copy of The Charlatan's Boy, Jonathan Rogers' newest book regarding the phenomenon of feechies.  You can see my previous post if you want to join or just feel the water a bit.  And see if you can solve those verses!

Hoping the feechies won't catch me,


whisper said...


Heh, but seriously; good to hear from you again, Jake! You've been missed. Glad you're among us again. :)

Jake said...

Thank you. :) I do indeed live, if only in spirit and imagination... *wonders what he himself means*

Aye, 'tis been crunching around the sense that I am crunching--cramming--various activities in a short space of time. O for those days when I dreamed toward the clouds, days of sweet boredom. Aye, boredom was sweet.

'Tis good to hear from ye as well, Whisper. I have not spoken with thee in a long time, or at least it seems to be so...

whisper said...

My life has been running on similar tracks. The old saying is so true, "You never know what you have until it's gone." If only I'd savored my time better when I was young and foolish! Now there are not enough hours in the day for school and college and job and family and reading and SLEEPING! *forlorn sniffle* I miss sleeping.

It has been a long time; far too long. I've been as scarce on the blogosphere as a wombat in New York City! >_> Would that I had more time to chat, but alas; every minute is demanded of me for other matters. Which is why I should quite blog surfing and bury my nose in homework again. >_>

Fare thee well, Sir Jake!

Jake said...

And time is gone, indeed. I never knew I had time until it was gone...

Aye, my time on the Underground and the blogosphere has been less than I'd wish. My novel is suffering as well...

A wombat in New York City? O_o That is indeed scarce, my friend. Elves in England, and the sort.

Homework! Alas for homework. It has threatened to strangle me as well. Schoolwork itself is not too harsh, but combined with the numerous other things I do--which I do not have time to recount (ironic, is it not?)--my time is slowly moving away from me...and that is not the only thing that is moving. >_>

'Twas good to speak with thee, however long it might be! Farewell!

(Ah, I see the long revered picture of Whisper the Spy is again your avatar! 'Tis good to see it once more.)


whisper said...

"Elves in England." I like it, my friend. >_> It has the potential for a novel name or something.

I feel your pain, O one of the Sadaar. *wonders at the allusion to a multiplicity of things which are in a state of motion*

And likewise to thee! I hope to soon have time to converse with you and the other elves more frequently.

Indeed it is! I just figured out how to change it a few days ago. *looks proudly at avatar*


Jake said...

Aye, indeed. Elves in England Eating Earmuffs, perhaps...alliteration is my hobby. :)

Ah, yes, you noticed my dark hintings...again...

Good, good. :)

whisper said...

Elves in England Eating Earmuffs, LOL! :D Brilliant!