Friday, November 19, 2010

A Death-Blow has been Dealt!

Ding-dong, the thread is dead!  Congradulations to the winner, Gillian! :D  Shoot me an email with the necessary details in order for ye to get yer package. :)  Ye just won V&S! :D  Great job at stickin' with it! 

For those curious, the thread died at 72 comments.  Not too bad, eh?  It went for several weeks until Gillian dealt a death-blow. :)

Again, congradulations!  Over and away,


Squeaks said...

Whaa--?? I totally forgot about it!! *can't believe self* Wow...I'm really really really forgetful.

Signed with a...oh, oops, I forgot ;)


Star-Dreamer said...

Woah... I didn't expect that. Gone for one day and it dies... gah!!!


Well, congrats Gil!

And it's really not like I needed another copy of the book... it was just fun to talk with everybody like that agian! :D

Jake said...

LOL. ;)

Squeaks said...

Boohoo...I was hoping it would last longer than WTB's...*long long sigh*

Nolan (Beorn) said...

Oops.......... heh.

Gillian said...

Sweet! Will do. This is the first time I've ever won anything! :)

The Director said...

Congrats Gil! Thanks for the great conversations :)