Sunday, November 14, 2010

The End of Week Two is Here!: Another NaNo Update

Hey all!  I have shamefully not posted in one week.  Alas.  But I am here, and I have news!

I am actually succeeding at NaNoWriMo.  Gladsome surprise!  I am now standing at 25,000 words--HALFWAY there! :D  Hallelujah, that I made it this far.

I owe this in part to the Elves of the Underground--particularly whisper and Millard--for doing Word Wars at strange hours of the night.  It was only when Mil saw a flash of blue that he stopped--very brave of him to bear with me for all of those words.  May it be known: he won every time.  I stubbornly hold that he is number #1.  ;)  *waves a Millard sign*

Anyhow, the symptoms have faded further, and I have introduced the Dreadman to my novel.  O.o  Beware.  Things are, hasty.  He is not a good dude. :P

I shall not go into a list of more NaNo symptoms this time, as they are numerous.  I shall work on that word count some more, perhaps. 

I shall leave ye now to your writings and your thoughts.  Farewell!


The Director said...

Haha, I read all that stuff with you and Millard holding up each other's signs, etc. :P You crack me up.

I also read that stuff about Deadman.... heh heh.

I am plunged into backstory right now... which is fun, because I'm learning about MC's father a little more now... I never knew what he was like until now, ha.

The Director said...

Oops haha it's *Dreadman* not *deadman* XD

Son of the King said...


Great job! I don's see how you can keep writing even when it gets boring (that is the stage I am at now). Keep up the good work!

~Son of the King~
(tiredly celebrating 21k)

Nolan (Beorn) said...

Awesome, Jake! 25,000 words... wow.

I'll probably be joining in next year! I've got a story idea working up... about dwarves, elves, goblins.......... and the Bermuda Triangle.

Squeaks said...


*runs around dancing with rabbits*

Jake is fantastically flaming! Keep going! Woot woot!

Signed with *whispers* you know what (look at other blog lolz XD),