Sunday, November 7, 2010

Update from the NaNo World!...Day Seven

Sorry for no updation, folks.  I have been very busy.

Now...let us begin.

At current, my novel's word count is an awesome (for me, at least) 11,720 words!  Aye, the count above needs to be updated... :P

As all NaNo-ers (and some other people) know, in order to write 50,000 words in one month, ye must write a minimum of 1,667 words a day.  Not too bad...but if ye get behind, it is, (as my father put it) "A reverse debt snowball."  Dave Ramsey. ;)  Basically, the words pile up, until ye are hopelessly behind and never able to catch up.

Right now, if one is to make it to 50,000 words, the word count must be 11,669 words on day seven of NaNoWriMo.  Of which I have gratefully surpassed today! :)

As for other things, the plot is going to be longer than I anticipated.  Let us hope that my novel will end up being around 50,000 words, but it's looking like it may very well be longer.  Then again, perhaps not... *shrug*  Only time will tell.

My current symptoms go as thus:
-I have calmed down.  A dangerous sign. ;)
-I am forgetful.  "Where'd I put my book?  Wait, no...I must go and write."  Such things are now common.
-I have yelled at procrastination several times in the past week--hard to do, since it isn't actually a physical thing.
-I have wondered how in the world my character did various things without my permission.
-I have stared at the computer screen.  No, it isn't blank this time, but it might as well be for all the writing I was getting done.  Or the lack of it.
-I have discovered that outlining the entire novel (not just the first six chapters) is much more beneficial.  (I shall do a post on outlining soon, and its part in NaNoWriMo)
-I have consumed much chocolate.  And cake.  Sadly, no pie.
-I ignore alarms/timers/etc.  Not a good thing when ye wish to get schoolwork done, or if yer mom is calling ye. :)
-I am getting PUMPED about this novel!  Whoo!  I am easily excited about this now...though I am tired. :P
-I have been effected by Andrew Peterson's wonderfully wacky books.  Take "In the Age of the Kindly Flabbits" for instance.  Or Oskar's quotes.  This, of course, has nothing to do with NaNoWriMo...or perhaps it does.  :)

Aye, them rabbits keep popping up.  >_>  *shakes fist*

With that, I think I shall be off.  I should probably be writing some extra for one of those days where I am busy beyond belief and cannot write at all. 

Farewell, and take care not to be eaten by procrastination. (This is also a symptom.)


The Director said...

I too, am experiencing some of the symptoms listed above :)

Congrats on your word count! Mine is a bit more..... shameful.......

And I'm sorry I'm so out of the loop....what's the big deal about rabbits? Does this have to do with plot bunnies at all? So confused...... :P

Yeah no kidding about outlining the whole thing-- I've had some terrible setbacks due to lack of outlining.

I will do my best NOT to be eaten by procrastination.... wait a sec, then what am I doing here commenting?

haha ;)

Eldra said...

Hehe, you'll have to check out Jake's other blog, Pen In My Hand for the answer to that one. Go back to September and read those posts. You'll have to click on the comments of the post "Strange Days---And Posts." That's where it all began. . .

Ah! A rabbit!!! *starts throwing woodchucks in direction of murderous bunny*

The Director said...

Gotcha. Thanks :)

**runs over to other blog**

Jake said...

If ye read the comments of this post ( and the three posts afterward, ye shall get a good idea of what happened. The rabbits are utterly evil... :|

The Director said...

I read them. Hahahha.....