Monday, November 15, 2010

Woh! Watch out WTB fans! :O

YAOW!  Coming through!  *blazes through the imaginary snow*

UNITE!  A and B of the C of D about TDW! :O  Warning warning get your free pizza here. ;)

Hurry!  Something strange is sweeping the nations!  Danger!  Intrigue!  A terrible secret about to be revealed!  YAAAAHHHH!!!   Pirates, thorns, and a hefty dose of a glimpse into the future shall be revealed!  Panic and be crazy!  Warning!! :O  AGH!

The authorities are coming!  Hurry, email me before it is too late!  I cannot risk contacting you any further on this blog.  I shall not be blogging for another week! :O  Hurry!!  But in all seriousness, this is seriousness. :O  Email me quickly to find out!

*drives away as sirens echo through the halls of Teenage Writer*


Gillian said...

I love that you used A and B the C of D! lol

Star-Dreamer said...

I would email you... but I don't know what your email address is! I may have it! But I can't remember! And I like using exclamation points!!! Yah!!!!!

Jake said...

Check out the contact me page. :O *hides*

The Director said...

Yeah I was chuckling that you used A and B the C of D-- wot wot!

ditto the lol from Gil.