Monday, November 1, 2010

The Terrible...NaNoWriMo

Yes, it's ANOTHER post about NaNoWriMo.  They seem to be floating all around the blogosphere, eh?

But first...some news.

Star-Dreamer has opened up the voting on the First Chapter contest on her blog, the Pen and the Parchment--which means ye can go read them and vote on your favorite one.  Mine is up as if ye can guess which one it is, then go ahead and read it!

Millard Shining Light is also having a giveaway of the awesome book 'Beyond the Reflection's Edge' by Bryan Davis, a most excellent author.

And now....*drumroll*

NaNoWriMo has begun.

Writers everywhere are scrambling to the NaNo website (which is currently flooded with users and extremely slow), updating their words counts, and beginning to write a 50,000 word novel in ONE MONTH.  Pick up your quill pens, folks!  It's going to be a bumpy and exhilirating ride.

I myself am beginning to write my next novel already--'The Book of Shaldu'. It's a new work, one that isn't affiliated with any of my other novels.  It is, however (surprise!) a Christian fantasy novel.

Time to get out the flaming pen again, folks!  >_>  Hopefully it will catch fire again and burn brightly...but right now *yawn* I am very tired with only a hundred words written in 'The Book of Shaldu'.  *sigh*  What happened to the five-thousand word passion that fueled me to finish my novel earlier? :P

I already show symptoms for NaNo rush, though.  Wanna know what they are?

They include:
-Beating my head against the wall
-Eating copious amounts of sugar-infused items
-Writing (though, regrettably, there has been little of this)
-Staring into the fire
-Wasting an hour of my time trying (and not succeeding) to access the NaNo site
-Staring into the sky
-Staring at the blank computer screen
-Wondering if anyone is going to read this post

Aye, I am done. :P  There may be a lapse in blogging, readers--just a reminder.  >_>  And much of the blogging you will get shall most likely be reading will be incoherent babbling about NaNo.  Be prepared for the worst, readers.

And keep me accountable!  I MUST reach 50,000 words!!

Which reminds of my traits (I hesitate to say 'virtues') will work well with me for this.  At one time it may get me in trouble, but also it helped me finish my trilogy--one of the sole traits that kept me going in that time.  Can you guess what it is?

Stubbornness.  Absolute stubborness.  And perhaps that stubborness will accomplish this 50,000 word goal.

With that note, I shall leave and procrastinate some more.  *sigh*  What happened to "Throw procrastination into a pit?"  I'd be much obliged if ye'd give me some help on this...

Farewell. >_>


Kaleb said...

It is the first day. Well, cheers and good luck!

Jake said...

You too! What is your username?

Eldra said...

I wish you well on your journey to 50,000 words. And have no fear, I will bug you if you don't write enough per day!!! *snickers* Just kidding!

Oh, and what's with the rabbits? What have they done (this time) to hinder you from writing?

Star-Dreamer said...

Good luck Jake. I myself have been extremely lazy today and need to go home to work on my nano project because it won't get anywhere as long as I have an internet connection. *lol!!!* :D

Just working on a rewrite, but I think it will go well... hopefully your pen will catch my pen on fire and things will get going fast. I'm definitely going to be hosting word wars this year...

BTW, did you look into that software stuff I told you about? :) That might help... a lot!


whisper said...

*cheers Jake on*

The Director said...

Jake-- I totally am sympathizing concerning the NaNo site's slowness... ugh....

I haven't had to beat my head against the wall yet, but I've done alot of random "Aaaaaahhhh!!!" really loudly throughout the day. It's how I cope, I guess :P

Hey, we should have some sort of informal, Blogger Word War. (I have a blog now too! :D) All Christian Wrimo Bloggers UNITE!! (and keep each other going with some friendly competition now and then)

I'm at 954 words right now, and am struggling to reach my bare minimum daily quota of 1,667.


(See what I mean about the random yelling??)

Well, good luck and God bless with your NaNovel, and if you're ever up for a word war, lemme know.

PS I'm going to call stubbornness a virtue in this instance, 'cause I have it too :D

Kaleb said...

I'm Varon on the Young Writers Program site, my mom won't let me get on the adult one. I wrote 2900 words, but lost 400 hundred of them.

Jake said...

Whoo!! Great job. I cannot say I am doing better right now. >_<

@The Director
I am hoping to have a November Word War--Word War III, actually, as it would be my third on this blog. I shall have it when everyone (including me) begins to flag in their writing...

Thank you, and I am cheering ye on as well! *waves a NaNo flag*

The Rabbits...have been rabbits. :P More than that I cannot say, but that does suffice.

And for the general populous, my word count on the blog has been updated to 1.5 thousand. Not quite enough for yesterday, but I think I can pack some extra words in today...

The Director said...

Aha. Cool, Word War III!!!! Lemme know when it's scheduled!

Jake said...

@The Director
I shall blog about it. :)

Eldra said...

When you hold WWIII, will it only be for NaNo writers or can everyone participate?

Jake said...

Twill be for everyone. :) Now... *disappears to hack at the NaNo word count once more*