Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Regarding Synopses

Synopses is a word, right? ;)

I decided to write up all of my synopses for the Will Vullerman short stories, and revise the ones I already have.  I'd love it if you could give your opinions on the synopses.  Take a look!


In Stasis

An anomaly has been uncovered in war-torn North America.

Despite the international off-limits zone surrounding the continent, the government decides to send in Will Vullerman, an elite agent and the top operative of the ASP. But what he finds there, deep beneath the ground, is more than any of them bargained for.

The Reality Ring

Will Vullerman is suspended from the ASP, and he has no idea why.

Bored and restless, when an opportunity for excitement comes from a mysterious man, he takes it. What he doesn't know is that he's being pushed into the age-old conflict between America and the Middle East, with him in the middle. In order to survive, he has to escape from the Reality Ring and confront the man who claims to be his grandfather, or the world will again erupt in war.

The Thirteenth Call: Part One

They were a perfectly normal American family newly arrived in Europe.

But for the last six nights, at seven o'clock sharp, they've gotten the same phone call with the same threatening message. Will Vullerman is about to go on vacation, but when he's asked to help this family, he can't refuse. Will, however, isn't prepared for the sinister plot that's slowly tightening the noose around the Torreys. He has to find out who's calling, and why, before it's too late...before the thirteenth call.

The Thirteenth Call: Part Two

The mission grows darker, and the thirteenth call approaches. But everything is not as it seems.

Will Vullerman was supposed to be on vacation, but now he's on an unofficial mission to protect an American family. Will must confront the failures of his past in order to save this family, but time is running out, and the killer is drawing near. The fate of the thirteenth call will determine the fate of them all, unless Will can stop it.

The Immortal Man

What if man could achieve immortality? The cost may prove to be greater than anyone could imagine.

While on a mission to bust an illegal genetics facility, ASP agent Will Vullerman discovers that there's something behind the scenes that no one has noticed before. Someone has been giving the geneticists their illegal material, but no one knows who the mysterious donor is. Will discovers that the donor, a geneticist himself, has engineered the secret of immortality. Will has to stop the madman, but he must first enlist the help of what the geneticist has created: the immortal man.


The synopsis for The Immortal Man will likely undergo change, since I'm only a thousand words into it.   

So what do you think?  Are they intriguing?  If you were a random Kindle owner, would you pay 99 cents to read a story with one of the following synopses?  Do you have any advice about how I could improve the synopses?

Let me know.  And thanks!


Elizabeth L.W. said...

So cool!

Eldra said...

Um, yeah, I'd read these stories. They look fantastic! Are you actually planning on publishing them?

Ira Starsinger said...

Yes, if I had a kindle, I would most definately buy them.

Hannah Joy said...

Totally! They sound awesome!

Jake said...

Eldra: yup. My sister and I are going to hammer out some basic cover art for each story and stick them on Kindle. However, I'm probably going to give my blog followers a chance to read it before I stick it on Amazon, though. I don't like mooching money off of you guys. ;) An honest opinion is more valuable than the thirty-five cents I'd get when someone buys the story.